Sunday, April 27, 2014

UBC Day 27 - Paying It Forward

Ultimate Blogging Challenge Day 27

Almost at an end
Many new blogs discovered
Travelling is fun

The April Ultimate Blogging Challenge and the A to Z 2014 Challenge is nearly at an end. I discovered many new blogs but the ones I enjoyed a lot were the travel blogs. So here they are:

But I must also showcase the following blog, described in my haiku

And then there were dogs
Hope in times of great despair

Do check out these awesome blogs.

The Jigsaw Pieces of my journey so far

Check out some blogs participating in the AtoZ Challenge

Written for: The Ultimate Blogging Challenge

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Warm Regards


  1. Thank you so much for the mention... :) I am so glad.

  2. I love opportunities to meet new bloggers -- very fun!

  3. Great post, love how you are supporting other's uncanny that today I'm noticing posts about supporting others is a way of being in gratitude.

  4. yep been there done that :)


  5. Will go check out the blogs you mention.

  6. I am honored that you mentioned my blog. Thank you so much Suzy.

    Carol @ Battered Hope


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