Saturday, November 12, 2011

These are a few of my Favourite Things

Colours Dekor is hosting a November linky, "My favourite things".

I thought it might be a fun one to do- something about myself for a change.

I will add that anything my kids make for me, I absolutely love but will exclude those from here as it's just too hard to choose and this post will then run forever.

So here are my other favourite things, in no particular order:

I love roses and this one is from my garden. check out my I love roses post.

I love Birthday Cakes and I enjoyed my kids birthday parties. I tried not to make them theme parties as I think the kids just enjoyed being with each other - a few games here and there, chippies and pizza, cartoons or a movie, and they had oodles of fun. The birthday cakes were always a surprise for the kids - they just loved the suspense and waited eagerly to see their cake. Here are some birthday cakes ...

(this one made by a friend - she makes awesome cakes)

I love Christmas trees and enjoy decorating them. Each year the kids buy an ornament each to hang on the tree and we try out different colours. Here is the Silver/White one. It was quite simple but looked stunning. I don't think the photo does it justice and as it was taken during the day, you can't see the lights.

My one and only feeble attempt at pottery painting, but I love this mug. My friend and I had a lovely morning together painting at The Swish Dish - it was so therapeutic and relaxing. Nice lunch afterwards was fun too.

Limiting this post to 5 favourite things, so here is the last one, my lovely camera (well a picture of the same model anyway). It travels with me everywhere. I've had it for 6 years now so it is well used and loved.

I really enjoyed this post. Hope you did too.

Also linking this post to Weekend Bloggy Reading and Potpourri Party #11 and Feature Friday Linky Party #10

Have an awesome day

Warm Regards


  1. such a fun fun post!! :) the birthday cakes look yummy!

  2. Thanks Geetlee. the cakes were yummy lol.

  3. Nice post! I enjoyed reading it. I love eating cakes and for birthday cakes, I like the ones with fresh cream. Your friend could really prepare such a cute and beautiful cake. :)

  4. Great pics, I really like your idea on decorating your tree.

  5. Thanks Lauri. I'm looking forward to this Christmas - haven't decided on the colour yet.

  6. Tgis is a fun post. Great photo's

  7. Thanks Balqis. My friend is very clever at making cakes and cake with fresh cream is just yum.
    Thanks Riet. I had fun writing it.

  8. Oh wow!! what a lovely list.. I love birthday cakes too.. and balloons.. and roses.. and ofcourse.. I totally love Christmas.. and anything to do with it.. :-)

    Thanks for linking in.. Totally makes my day!! :-)

  9. Thanks Patricia for the nice comment and for hosting. Looking forward to this Christmas.

  10. Sorry I have not called by for awhile but we have been busy with the olive harvest, interesting to learn a little about you this evening.

  11. Thanks LindyLou. I've enjoyed reading your HongKong posts.


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