Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poetry - Light, Winter, Change, Absence

Haiku Heights - Light
Poetry Picnic 15 - Winter, Change, Hope

    Light, the glow of hope
Piercing darkness of despair;
     Spring after Winter

         Red rose in Winter
Piercing through a sheet of white;
       Like light in the dark

      Hope a catalyst
Winter, a time to reflect;
  Change destiny's path

Sensational Haiku Wednesday - Absence

    Love my soulful friend
Your absence a leafless tree;
Then come wondrous blooms

Also linking to Thursday Poets Rally Week #57

Hope you enjoy my Haiku.

Warm Regards


  1. delightful words.

    very theme fitting.

  2. Beautiful set of Haiku ... nicely accomplishing all the words of the prompts!

  3. Thanks Becca. Hard ones this week to weave in together and keep the Nature elements of Haiku.

  4. Great did a marvelous job on each prompt!

  5. I love these! Especially the first one about light piercing through a sheet of white. We only get about six hours of daylight right now in Sweden, so that one meant a lot. Well done!

  6. Beautiful pictures and wonderful words, Suzy!

  7. wonderful haiku, positive words.
    my favourite is the first piece, but the rest are very good too. :)

  8. Thanks Everyone for the very nice feedback.
    @Susie - wasn't an easy week and the next week's prompts are even harder.
    @Miss Kitten - and we're into Summer now and it's still light at 9.00pm. the light has pierced the dark. Enjoy the Winter - I love all the seasons.
    @Charles - Not sure if the pics inspired the words or the other way around - maybe both. lol.
    @dsnake1 - I try to keep on the bright or light side of things.
    @Jenn - tried to bring the feeling of hope, excitement and beauty of love.


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