Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fleeting, Feathers and Figments

I love poetry and I've had so much fun reading Haiku and other poetry from various blogs.
So here is more Haiku - I will eventually catch up and link up all themes in one Haiku post but for now here are a few.

Fleeting at Sensational Haiku Wednesday

      Seasons of our lives
Are fleeting moments in time;
      No Winters for souls.

       A smile so fleeting
I could not fathom your love;
       Recalled  in silence.

Feathers, Fidelity, Figment and Fables at Poetry Picnic and how they light up our lives.
This is a site for free format poetry but I'll stick to Haiku as this is the only way I think I can write poetry and Haiku is so much fun.

  Feathers from angels
Falling softly from the sky;
Thrills like first snowflakes.

     Figments I dream of               
Take me to different worlds;
    The home I came from.

(a bit of poetic licence on figments)

Also linking to Promising Poets Parking Lot

Warm Regards


  1. Very effective use of the 'fleeting' prompt. i like the seasons of life idea.

  2. Great fleeting moments!! Like them all!!

  3. the haikus are fleeting, read so well =)

  4. Hello.
    Liked your Haiku.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Heaven Is You

  5. Loved all of them...My favorite...feathers from angels

  6. @The Orange Tree - thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for hosting the linky.


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