Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday - November 4

I thought so much of my dad today and all the memories came flooding back. So today's Thankful Thursday is dedicated to family.

My dad was the most loving and kind human being I have ever known.   All I have learned in life, I have learned from him. He was my rock and guiding star. He was the one constant thing in my life someone I could always depend on and when he died I was shattered. But I know that he left me a legacy of strength, courage, kindness and love. And that everything he taught me will be enough to take me forward in my life. I am so thankful and lucky to have had a dad like him. My post on Appreciate Life and my blog Photos are Fun are dedicated to him. Be at peace dad. 

I am so thankful that my mother is here with me, alive and well. When dad taught me how to live an earthly existence, my mother has taught me the Spiritual side of life. That's not to say that dad was not Spiritual, he was just silent in his faith. Mum is the perfect half of dad, heaven and earth, the perfect balance for me.

My children are my strength and joy. Their love and respect for me is unconditional. Just a hug or a smile is enough to lift my spirits. They are the essence of my soul. I am so blessed and so thankful to have such beautiful children. My post last week also gave thanks to them - they mean so much to me.

Wish you all a beautiful day.

Warm Regards


  1. I totally agree. You should enjoy the time you have with your family members. It makes me sad to see how many people aren't thankful for seemingly "ordinary" things like loving and caring parents.

  2. so thankful that you had a wonderful relationship with your dad and were able to enjoy him during his years on earth. thanks for linking up suzy!

  3. Yesterday (Thursday) was a difficult day; remembering the birthday of someone close and special that is no longer with us. On top of that a couple of people hacked me off big time and I had all this aggression going on inside I was beside myself, angry that I could let these people get me down. On the upside I spent time with both my mum and mother in law this week and in their times of troubles, I hope my visits have lifted their spirits a little. I am truly grateful that I have my husband and my kids and that they have all four grandparents still around. We may not always see eye to eye but I love them all dearly. Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. cute way of displaying your thankfulness....

  5. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.
    @Anne - I think we often take our families for granted and only truly appreciate them when they're gone.
    @black tag diaries - my dad was an awesome person and I loved him so much. Just seeing him gave me joy.
    @KateW - thanks for sharing your day. your children are so lucky to have all grandparents. I'm sure your mum and mother-in-law are very thankful to have you. hope your weekend is good too.
    @Kelly - thanks. paint write and be grateful was my original theme.

  6. I know how you feel cos I do feel the same for my late dad. Nice to know the strong bond in your family.

  7. Thanks Balqis. Glad to know your dad was awesome too. Families are so important.

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