Thursday, December 1, 2011

ABC Wednesday T is for ..... Thankful Thursday - 1 December

 The Letter T at ABC Wednesday  is for Thankful Thursday

I am truly thankful for all those terrific people who tirelessly treated and lovingly tended to the little blue penguins that were affected by the tragic oil spill from the Rena off the coast of Tauranga in New Zealand.

The Rena was carrying One thousand seven hundred (1700) tonnes of heavy fuel oil and two hundred (200) tonnes of marine diesel oil. See Wikipedia - Rena oil spill for more information.

Recently some Little Blue Penguins were released back into the sea but more than three hundred (300) are still waiting for their release. They were microchipped  to track if the oil spill and their captivity had any effects on their long term health. Taken from Little Blue Penguins Waddle to Freedom

Thankful also for all the tremendous support from thousands of people all over the world who went about knitting little cardigans for the Little Blue Penguins to keep them warm whilst they were being treated. Watch the video on Jumpers for the Little Blue Penguins (truly very cute).

Little Blue Penguin toys are being sold at Skeinz

Little Blue Penguin Trivia:
  • world's smallest penguin
  • found on the coastlines of New Zealand (including the Chatham Islands) and Southern Australia
  • called Korora in Maori
  • it is a protected native species as their numbers are declining
  • dogs are their biggest threat hence they thrive in conservation areas.
Trivia information sources:  

waddling to freedom

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  1. Love it and who can resist a penguin in a cardigan!

  2. Great post Suzy, and awww those little pneguins are so cute!

  3. Penguins are amongst my favourite animals. So cute!

    How fantastic that everyone rallied around in support.

  4. I'm ashamed to realize that I missed the entire event. Thank you so much for showcasing those little guys and their tiny jumpers. A nice ray of hope. -Kelly

  5. Thanks Kate, Jayne and Kelly. Those penguins are so adorable. I love the way they run into the sea.

  6. I'm happy those penguins are OK now

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Thanks Roger - me too and hope no long term effects for them.

  8. What an uplifting result ... thank you for sharing!

  9. weeeee..they are so cuddly cute..this made me smile..thank you for your post Ms.Suzy..passing by with a smile ;)

  10. Thank you, Suzy, for all the Ts. It's so much fun reading them apart from getting the informations about the penguins. So cute!

  11. Oh, what a great post! So happy to see those Little Blues waddling out to sea. My daughter (almost 6) has had a small obsession with penguins for three years now, so I had to show her your post. She is in love with those little stuffed penguins from the yarnkitchen blogspot :)

  12. @Becca - Thanks. it does make one feel good.
    @Sie - Thanks. it put a smile on my face too.
    @Balqis - Thanks. It was challenging weaving those Ts in the post.
    @Lisa - Thanks. So glad your daughter enjoyed the post. The stuffed penguins are absolutely gorgeous.

  13. You have beautifully stitched all the T's together.

  14. Hello.
    What a delightful post. Watched the video too. Penguins are cute. I think it's great how generous everyone has been. My wife is a knitter, so I can understand the work & effort gone in to making those little outfits. I hope the penguins don't have any long-term effects though.
    Awesome! Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comment.

    A Trembling Flower And You

  15. Wow what a fantastic contribution to ABC Wednesday. I recently read about a similar project here in UK - the battery hens re-homed by the volunteers often have few feathers to keep them warm - they are use to being crammed in a cage - so knitted jumpers help them keep warm in the winter months. Great - thanks so much - another example of man's distruction of the animals we live with.
    ABC Team

  16. Thanks Everyone.
    @Anthony - I love penguins too especially the little blue ones.
    @Rajesh - Thanks for visiting my blog. ABC Wednesday is great fun.
    @Madeleine - some of the jumpers were quite amazing- tuxedo and all!
    @Andy - I hope so too.
    @Susie - Glad you enjoyed it.
    @Denise - Heart-warming that there are so many awesome people in the world.Thanks for sharing that.

  17. Terrific telling.

    We went to Oamaru to see penguins.

  18. This is so sweet! I so love the photos of the penguins. They looked so excited to be finally released. I'm quite teary-eyed with your post actually. Indeed, worth to be thankful!

  19. Thanks Ann and Katya Kate.
    @Ann - how awesome - I hope I'll see them in the wild someday.
    @Katya Kate - I think that was the best part - seeing them rushing into the sea - they looked so cute and happy.


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