Saturday, October 8, 2011

Question of the Day - Do people have Free Will?

  Do we have free will?

   Here are my views.

I believe that in the journey of our life we have a major destiny and a multitude of  minor ones that lead us to our major destiny.

Our major and minor destinies are pre-determined and will eventually be reached but there are many pathways to each destiny point.

The choices we make during the journey will determine the road we take to those points and this is where our free will comes in. We have free will to choose the path to that destiny point.

Our gut feel or intuition signals unease if we are veering off the path and will plant the deep desire to turn towards our pre-determined destination. Often we will heed this very reliable indicator and change paths ourselves.

But the Universe also lends us a helping hand and gently points us back in the direction of our destiny when we veer off the path significantly.

An example of this has recently occurred in my life.

Having completed a big project, I was looking for a new job when an opportunity came my way. My gut feel on this was a resounding No but I choose not to heed that and accepted the job. 4 months later, the project got cancelled and the job ended. I was obviously not meant to be there as that job is not in alignment with my destiny and the Universe created a situation that now forces me off the path and hopefully onto the right one.

I will again have the free will to choose my next path but the next time I will heed that gut feel and I'm pretty sure it will set me off on the right one.

Free will was given to us so we could learn, experience and grow.  If everything was pre-determined, I don't think there would be any purpose in life. The choices we make and the journey itself  makes our life interesting, exciting, worthwhile and fulfilling.

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Wish you all an interesting journey today.

Warm Regards

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