Sunday, October 16, 2011

My featured posts

I am so chuffed.

"Her Future" tweeted me as one of their favourite bloggers and also tweeted my recent post on "Broken Dreams"

"Like a Quote" featured my post "Little things in Life" as one of their top stories on 3 Oct.

Please check my featured posts:
       I Love Quotes - Robert Burdette - Broken Dreams
       I Love Quotes - Robert Brault - Little things in life

link to the post - scroll to the Sports section Like a Quote - Top Stories - 03 October 2011

Enjoy your Sunday - I'm all set for the Rugby Semi Finals, New Zealand vs Australia.  Go New Zealand, Go the All Blacks. - My flags are flying, Haka Bear all set for the game and I'm dressed in black with my RWC T shirt.  My pics at: Haka Bear (supporting the All Blacks)

Warm Regards

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