Monday, October 3, 2011

I Love Quotes - Robert Brault - Little things in life

Westpac Regional Stadium - a venue of the Rugby World Cup 2011

Thought I might change the format of my quotes and add in a photo - liven things up a little.

The Rugby World Cup is being played in New Zealand and I've been having so much fun watching all the games.

It is so awesome when your country hosts a major world event and I would've loved to be at the stadium watching the New Zealand All Blacks play.  (The NZ rugby team are called the "All Blacks" because their uniform is black).

But the tickets are expensive so instead I'm watching the games at home with the family.  And we are enjoying each game - screaming our heads off as if we were at the stadium.

New Zealand will play Argentina in the quarter finals. Looking forward to that game and all the other quarter final games too.

Someday I know I will look back to these days and fondly remember, probably not the games themselves, but all the little joyful and nail biting moments of this World Cup and they will bring a smile to my face.

Check my pics of the Wellington Regional Stadium one of the venues for the games on my other blog  Photos are fun - Wellington Regional Stadium

Interesting trivia - How the All Blacks got their name from All Blacks Wikipedia:
"The team's early uniforms consisted of a black jersey with a silver fern and white knickerbockers. By their 1905 tour New Zealand were wearing all black, except for the silver fern, and their All Black name dates from this time".

Wishing you all a day to remember.

Warm Regards


  1. That is such a true and thoughtful quote! Thank you for sharing it. It is good to get a perspective check sometimes. :-)

    And Go New Zealand All Blacks! Hehe. I don't really watch rugby but I hope your team wins. :p

  2. Thanks Ropcorn. Yes, I need to remind myself too that I need to enjoy the little moments.
    And yes, Go the NZ All Blacks - all the way :D


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