Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3 words that inspire

Follow your bliss
Is a phrase coined by Joseph Campbell that in essence tells us that we should pursue what gives us great joy, which we are passionate about, something that comes from deep within us. I will add here that "Following our bliss" is that which does not harm anyone but is achieved with love and kindness.

Each of us has a purpose to fulfil in our lives. Some have grand purposes and some have little ones. It does not matter which group you fall into. What matters is that we achieve what we are meant to achieve, what our soul is meant to learn or experience in this lifetime.

The way to fulfil that purpose is to "Follow our bliss".  Our passions, deep desires and all the things that bring us joy are indicators of the path we are meant to walk.

Even when the people around you think you are crazy, follow your bliss because, in the words of Mother Teresa, "In the final analysis, it is between you and God, it was never between you and them anyway".

Warm Regards

This post inspired by The Daily Love - what it means to follow your bliss

Links:  Joseph Campbell - Follow your bliss   Mother Teresa - Do it anyway


  1. Suzy... Thank you!!! Almost since the day I started to blog, you have been there for me without your knowing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me on your blog, and for your comments on mine!!! You definitely have become part of my "Dream Team"!!!

  2. Hi Carla, thanks so much. Really admire your will to take back your life and you already have. Take Care. love and hugs.

  3. Well I think we are following ours.
    Thankyou for your recent comment on News From Italy, we feel very blessed to be able to live in this beautiful part of the world and I enjoy being able to share it with you. I will be back in November, until then take care.

  4. Hi LindyLou, enjoy your holiday and will look forward to your holiday pictures.


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