Sunday, February 26, 2012

A jumble of many themes or Blogger's Choice.

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic job hunting and hence my blog has been a little neglected.

There have been some great prompts at Blogging for Fun,  GBE2 and The Writers Post  - Gratitude, Solitude, Jane's tale, Interview and Blogger's choice.

So here is my post - a jumble of all these themes or Blogger's Choice.

I believe that Gratitude is a key ingredient in having a joyful, abundant and fulfilling life. So first and foremost I would like to thank this wonderful Universe for bringing an awesome job to me after so many months of searching for one.

I have enjoyed these months (most of the time), doing all the things I wanted to do and just enjoying time with my family, R&R, but there have been days when I've felt low, when the future seemed quite bleak. I was starting to feel quite worried about my finances so it's such a relief.

I am so grateful for the offer that came through last week. Thank You to the Universe and everyone involved in this process.

Isn't it weird, that when you are destined for something, things just flow and they arrive so easily in your life.

In the last 3 months I have been to several interviews.

One was just awful. The interviewers were so confrontational - no interviewing skills there. They tend to forget that the candidate is also assessing them and their organisation. They weren't very good ambassadors for their company.

One went really well but eventually went nowhere. The interviewer didn't even get back to me (*shakes head*). I got the feeling I was their back-up option in case their internal recruitment went awry. Would be nice to have some honesty there. I spent many sleepless nights over this one as I really wanted this role. The project was so interesting. But I guess there was something better lined up for me. (I am still waiting for an answer on this one - too late for them now).

Another interview was great - a nice easy flow but I lost out on a coin toss to someone else. Obviously I wasn't meant to be there.

And then finally, the interviews that were just perfect. I really enjoyed both (for the same job) and I knew as soon as I walked out of there that an offer would come. It's a great offer and I really liked the person I will be working with.

Does this line up with what I want to do (see my post on Work)?  I don't know, all I know is that I had this feeling I had to apply and then things moved so fast - within a week I had 2 interviews and a job offer.

So I will go with the flow and see where it takes me. For now I am so thankful and excited. This will be a fun job.

In the months of R&R I often spent time in solitude, reflecting on my past jobs and what I really wanted. And it's quite uncanny how many blog posts and emails I read regarding meditation for abundance, setting of clear intentions, being open to possibilities, clearing blocks to abundance and manifesting.

So I did them all and actually strangely enough about 10 days ago I got to a place of "okay I've done it all, I feel great and I'm ready for that abundance to start pouring in".

Wow - I am astounded but also very grateful and thankful to all these people. They were, I guess, messengers showing me the way to and preparing me for the next step in my journey. Thank You all.

And now onto Jane's story ... where does she come into this?

Some days ago, Jane got badly cut on her face and had stitches to close up the gash. So how did this happen? Here's the "Tale" ....

Jane has this unexplainable connection to me. Unfortunately every unpleasant emotion that I go through (like anger), Jane goes through as well. And I always forget that whenever I practise my karate and punch and kick those imaginary heads, it's poor Jane that feels the impact - quite significantly.

So in those interviews that upset and frustrated me, out came the imaginary punching bag that had "those" faces on them and when I started punching them in earnest, Jane in her faraway land put her hand to her face and felt the blood pour out of the big gash. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Lucky a nice friend rushed Jane to the ER to get it checked and attended to.

Sorry Jane. Next time I'll say a prayer that an invisible shield (used in the days of Star Trek and Star Wars) magically appears before your face. Take Care Jane. Get well soon. Love and hugs to you.

Warm Regards

Prompts from:

The Writers Post - Bloggers Choice, Interview

Blogging for Fun - GratitudeSolitude

GBE2 - Jane's Tale 



  1. First: Congratulations on getting a job! That is fantastic! I know that, just before I got the job with my current employer, I had to do that same thing - figure out my intent - and within 2 days, the job posting came across my path and I knew the job was mine.

    Second: Just last night I was noodling over a blog post about empathy - about being an empath myself. The story you tell about me here resonates truth. Beautiful. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Jane. The Universe and all of us are so connected. I hope you are better now.

  2. Good job Suzy! Big assignment you gave yourself and yet, you pulled it out. The Jane tale is too funny and still, on some level, I want to kinda believe it could happen. I need medication "AND" meditation. :) ♥

    1. Thanks Jo. The Indian philosophical texts say that when we cut a blade of grass the whole universe quivers. Perhaps at some level this is true. Will truly have to say a prayer before I punch!

  3. Congratulations on your new job! Isn't it amazing how things all fall into place when it's time for them to do so.

  4. Congrats on the new job! The right opportunity is always out there and shows up just when we're ready to meet it. Fabulous.

    As far as Jane, so it was all YOUR fault! ;O)

    1. Thanks Beth. I'm so thrilled about my new job. As for Jane ... yep my fault lol.

  5. Congrats on the job and it sounds like the universe knew just the one you needed. Also great job on mixing all these prompts together. Well done.

    1. Thanks Laura. It sure did and I'm sure the previous interviews were practice runs. I'm so thrilled.

  6. Great job combining all the challenges of the week. You pulled it off well!

    Congrats on the new job!

    1. Thanks Darlene. It was the only way I could catch up.

  7. You bundled those up nice and neat! Nice job.

  8. Very cool how you were able to hit a triple and cover all challenges at once and do it well.


  9. Thanks Kathy. They just kind of came together - thankfully!


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