Saturday, February 11, 2012

GBE2 - Upset

I am upset:
  • I can't think of a single thing to write on this topic for GBE2
  • I am way behind in my writing - I started a post on Serendipity and Accidents and they are now long gone so will have to abandon those
  • I am totally disorganised - I thought I had a nice blogging pattern and now it's all topsy-turvy

So I will make this a nice short post as the Saturday deadline is fast approaching and if I don't get this post in I'll be even more upset.

Thought I'd end this post with a quote I think is very apt for me at this moment ...
I had my years of struggling. Some of my shows failed miserably, and I was upset by it and it dented my confidence. But I never stopped. I kept going for it ~ Regis Philbin
And so even when I am upset because I cannot think of a single thing to say, I will keep blogging until the thoughts start to flow again and I am upset no more.

Happy blogging.

Warm Regards


  1. I struggle often to know what to post, then all of a sudden it comes to me and I write away!! The best thing about all of this is although there is a deadline, most of these challenges are open ended. So down the line, something may come to you and you write it anyways. That is what I tend to do. :D


    1. Thanks Kathy - that's good to know. Will finish and post my S and A. Thanks for visiting.

  2. This was fun, Suzy. You made something out of nothing. Good work.

    1. Thanks Elaine - upset was a difficult prompt.

  3. LOL perfect ending!! :0) loved your flow!! and that quote!! thank you

    1. Thanks Brenda. - I got there in the end whew!


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