Thursday, February 23, 2012

ABC Wednesday - Round 10 - F is for ...

Forever is such a comforting word especially in the context of love.

So here's what I found this week ....

Forever and Ever - Demis Roussos

Couldn't find much information on this song except that it topped the charts in several countries in 1973 and in the UK in 1976.
Anyway, I like this song as it has very nice lyrics.

Youtube - Forever and Ever

Diamonds are Forever - Shirley Bassey

Is the title song of the James Bond movie and the second theme song to be sung by Shirley Bassey.
The song was also recorded in Italian by Shirley Bassey as "Una Cascata di Diamanti (Vivo Di Diamanti)".
I chose this song as Shirley Bassey is one of my favourite singers.

Youtube - Diamonds are Forever

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Warm Regards Forever


  1. Shirley Bassey has an AMAZING voice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Never heard the first song, but I know Shirley Bassey best for her Goldfinger theme.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. Shirley Bassey did 3 James Bond themes - Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever and Moonraker.

  3. Knew Shirley Bassey, but thanks for the intro to Demis Roussos.
    ABC Wednesday Team

    1. He sang some nice songs - great lyrics.


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