Saturday, July 16, 2016

Remembering #Songs - Pritam Aan Milo

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words. This is a 7 day festival from 10 July to 16 July.

My theme is "Remembering Songs". These are songs that trigger some memory.

I started this festival with songs I associate with my mother so it's only fair that I end the festival with a song that I associate with my father.

My song for day 7 is Pritam Aan Milo (Beloved Come Meet) by C.H Atma. Even though my dad wasn't musically inclined I would often hear him sing this song in his baritone voice.

In the last year of his life I heard him sing this a lot. I often wonder if he was being called to his Spiritual home.

After his death I searched youtube for the song and started loving it too. Whenever I hear this song I think of my dad.

Do you have a song you suddenly started to like? Share a song that means a lot to you.

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  1. This is such a soulful song! I remember this song was used in the film Angoor (inspired by Comedy of Errors). The song Saathiya from the film of the same name is one which I heard while on my first date....and even now whenever I hear it, I go all dreamy!

  2. This one I knew because most of my classical singer friends would sing it. Nice song.

  3. Ah, reminds me of my grandad who used to really love this song. They remind one of the golden era of Black and White Hindi films. Nice one to end the series with, Suzy!

  4. Music has connection with memories, I have experienced so myself. I can imagine how soothing it may feel to listen to childhood songs.Loved your theme about music in this challenge. :)

  5. It is often the association with music that makes us yearn for them....I can understand this feeling.....There are quite a few songs which fill me with pleasant thoughts and I like to hear them just for the sake of those moments gone by.....:)

  6. Just like Kala mentioned, I heard this song in Angoor and have not heard the original version as yet! How uncool is that!

  7. As I read about this song that you associate with your father, I think of my love for ghazals. I got that from my father. Although, now, my father is usually listening to religious music (kirtan), I listen to ghazals a lot and am happy that he introduced me to this emotional music.
    And yes, first thing I thought of when I read 'Pritam Aan Milo' was Angoor :) though I have heard the original too...


  8. Jeez! that is a lovely song and what a wonderful tribute to your dad, Suzy!


  9. A beautiful tribute to your Dad and I am sure he must be smiling from the sky reading this. My Dad was a huge Kishore Kumar fan so am I:)


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