Thursday, July 14, 2016

Remembering #Songs - Arrivederci Roma

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words. This is a 7 day festival from 10 July to 16 July.

My theme is "Remembering Songs". These are songs that trigger some memory.

Day 5  takes me back to 1993-1994 when I travelled to England and Europe.

We were 14 family members (5 children and 9 adults) who came from around the world for a trip around Europe. We hired a mini bus and a driver and travelled from London to Paris, Lucerne, Florence, Rome, Venice, Heidelberg and Cologne.

But my song today is about the beautiful city of Rome. It is one of my favourite cities in the world. And I hope that someday I will visit again.

I enjoyed visiting all the places and it was exciting to look forward to the next city. But I was really sad to leave Rome. I felt as if I was leaving a part of me behind. So as our bus pulled out of Rome, we all waved goodbye and sang Arrivederci Roma (Goodbye Rome).

Rome is a city you never forget.

But here is a video with some nice scenes of Rome that brought back many memories of a beautiful city and time with family of which 2 have said their final goodbyes - my dad and my aunt (dad's sister).

Do you have a favourite city? Share a special memory from that city.

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  2. Thanks for sharing such a lovely memory, Suzy! Jerry Vale's voice just brings back the magic from the '50s and the '60s, and what a beautiful city, Roma! Yet to visit though! My all-time favourite is Lucerne, in Switzerland. Nothing quite as charming and beautiful, with the gorgeous Lake in the heart of the city, the cobbled-stoned roads,the quaint buildings, the beautifully painted houses against the mountains as a perfect backdrop. I visited Lucerne in 2006 and have some of the most beautiful memories of the place!

  3. I grew up in New York City. I still like visiting it (I just didn't like living there). So many New York City songs. I blogged once about a work called Manhattan Tower which I can't find, but you can search Wikipedia for "Manhattan Tower" and "Gordon Jenkins". Alana

  4. I too hope i will visit Rome someday. Nice song Suzy

  5. Rome is such a gorgeous city... someday I hope I get to see this in real. What a gorgeous voice!!

  6. I have always wanted to visit Rome and some other European cities.......Maybe one day....

  7. Hi Suzy! I visited Rome only last month! And yes, it was love at first sight for me too! I don't think I could ever have enough of that lovely place! The song Arrivederci, I shared it with my kids too as we'd been frequently using that word out there! Thanks for sharing such a lovely number!

  8. I'm imagining how much fun it would be to travel in such a large group! Rome is on my someday list.

  9. How exciting! Wonderful trip to wonderful destination and that too with family! Lovely. :)

  10. That's a lovely song and you have some beautiful memories attached with the city of Rome!

  11. Loved the video although not visited it yet!
    Someday...maybe :)


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