Sunday, July 10, 2016

Remembering #Songs - Asmara

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words. This is a 7 day festival from 10 July to 16 July.

My theme is "Remembering Songs". These are songs that trigger some memory.

Day 1 begins with songs my mother used to sing to me in Malay (Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Indonesia).

So while my friends were learning nursery rhymes I was learning these songs. I was 2 years old when I learned my first song - Burong Kakatua - a song about a cockatoo.

 I remember my mother had a record of Anneke Gronloh who sang these songs.  And I think her favourite was Asmara. I can still see her singing it and later when I grew up we used to sing it together. Haven't done that for a while now.

I love listening to these songs even though I don't understand every word. The melodies are lovely.

Isn't that the best thing about music - you don't need to understand the words, just the melodies can touch your soul.

So here are some songs for your listening pleasure

Asmara - a song about heartbreak

Burong Kakatua - the first song I ever learned. The record cover shown is one of the ones we had.

Bengawan Solo - an Indonesian folk song about the river Solo. Another one of my favourites. This version is very soulful.

What was the first song you learned?  Write a post or leave a comment.

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  1. true Suzy! music is universal. Melodious music is soothing irrespective of the language. Nice theme for the write tribe festival of words.

  2. Music has its own language. Even if we are unable to follow the lyrics, we can relate to the melody. First song I don't really remember the one I learnt....but my mom used to sing a French song Donna Donna Donna and I always loved listening to her even though I didn't understand its meaning.

  3. True. Music has no language barriers. You just got to listen to it and feel it!!
    Your post got me thinking and I am wondering about the first song learnt!!

  4. That's the best thing about music, isn't it? Uniting hearts beyond language.

  5. Music has no language, it just touches your heart and sweeps you off your feet!
    I learnt some Marathi songs my mum taught me, even before I learnt my nursery rhymes! Ditto! :))

  6. Music is the only language that universally breaks barriers! How lovely to dig into treasured old memories! Its amazing that you remember in such detail your first song! Actually I can't recollect what my first song was....sad!! :(

  7. Yes, music is magic. There needn't even be any words in it, just the instrumental sounds sooth the soul. I don't recall my first song but I do remember my mom teaching my sister and me to sing 'phoolom ka thaarom ka' when we were kids.

  8. That was beautiful Suzy, and so true- you dont always need to understand the words- just the melody can "speak" to us:-) Good luck on the festival:-) Hugs

  9. thank you for introducing so many beautiful songs :D This is the first time I am listening to Malay songs :)

  10. Yes many time lyrics and it's understanding is not important than rhythm and singer. Great that you had mother as a companion. My first song I don't remember, but I surely remember songs I sang for my children :)

  11. That is the best thing about songs, you don't have to know the words. Just the melody can weave magic.

  12. Totally agree. Music has no language. There is this kannada song that I love. I don't get much on the what it means but I can keep playing it in a loop. Wonderful theme, Suzy.

  13. Music is a great leveller I brings so many of us together as we share in the common feelings even as listeners! These songs must be very special to you and I must thak you for sharing these with all of us here...I love music and would love to get acquainted with the ones you've shared here as they seem to be very different from what I have ever heard before.

  14. Lovely theme. Beautiful memories. :)

  15. Those songs would fit right with the world I grew up in in except for the different languages. For some reason, they bring back memories of the late 50's and early 60's world I grew up in. I'm not sure what the first song I ever heard was - perhaps a lullaby (in the language of his parents, one I never learned) sung by my father. Alana

  16. I enjoyed your musical selections! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I looked up Anneke Gronloh and altho the info available is limited she had a fairly successful career. I like her voice a lot. It's a little bit sultry and I like that. The first song I remember singing was "Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.." :) I dad used to sing alllll the time.

  18. I don't remember my first song but I love listening Bengali songs;however I don't understand the lyrics. Music is what attracts me. I can't even imagine my Life without Music.

  19. Yes.. the melody is beautiful, thou didn't understood anything. But music is one thing that has no language.

  20. I agree you don't need to understand words to sing. I was forced to learn Carnatic music as a child. I didn't understand a word of what I sang but I sang for many years! :P

  21. i love the way she rolls the letter "R" "rrrr" ha-ha. loved the song. this is my first time on a song, which isn't english... enjoyed thoroughly.


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