Friday, July 15, 2016

Remembering #Songs - Born Free

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words. This is a 7 day festival from 10 July to 16 July.

My theme is "Remembering Songs". These are songs that trigger some memory.

I had my day 7 all set but a song for Day 6  seemed to evade me.  You may wonder why I didn't use the day 7 song for day 6. But there is a method in my madness.

Then as I was browsing through youtube I came across Born Free and I knew that was my song for day 6.

I was about 9 or 10 I think when my dad took me to see the movie which is a true story about Elsa the Lioness and her beautiful relationship with Joy and George Adamson.

My favourite part of the movie was the ending. I thought it was so cute and the song was just perfect.

I also read the books written by Joy Adamson. Here are 2 of them. Couldn't find the last one Forever Free.

My favourite scene from the movie. Lions are so majestic and the cubs are so cute.

So much of turbulence in the world right now. We are born free but are we living free and in the future will we stay free?  What do you think?

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  1. Quite an interesting post on songs from the yore days:)

  2. One of my favourites too...both - the song and the movie! Loved your choice of songs, Suzy!

  3. With the latest event (Nice, France) fresh in our minds, I wonder about our New Normal World and how things will turn out for all of us. Another song I loved when it came out (I can still sing most of it from memory) and I did read all three books - many, many years ago. Alana

  4. We are born free, but do we live freely? The question still rings. Music is indeed a form of healing to the soul.

  5. My favourite movie too. There was something so romantic about the movie but I was quite disappointed with the book. At least then. Perhaps I should re-visit as many things change with an older perspective.

  6. That's a nice movie. Music is soul

  7. Seems I am the only one who hasn't watched this movie... the lyrics are beautiful

  8. Yes an apt question you ask......What is happening all over the world breaks my heart....

  9. You do have a fantastic collection of these gems, Suzy! :-)

  10. I can't believe the challenge is almost over now. Tomorrow will be the last day!

  11. Very apt questioned asked, do we live freely, and it's true music has no bounds and travels freely :)


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