Monday, July 11, 2016

Remembering #Songs - Twilight on the Trail

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words. This is a 7 day festival from 10 July to 16 July.

My theme is "Remembering Songs". These are songs that trigger some memory

Carrying on from day 1 that had songs from my childhood, day 2 is all about the songs that I skipped and danced to when I was little - say about 10 years old.

Nat King Cole's Ramblin' Rose album was a big hit in our home, We had a big lounge and verandah and whenever we listened to this album my mom, brother and I would sing together and I would start my skipping. Those were such joyful days.

The musical side of us comes from my mother. My father on the hand was a sportsman. I did the singing with my mother and walking with my father,

One of the songs on the album that I loved was Twilight On The Trail. Back then I didn't understand the meaning of the song I just loved the rhythm and the tune. And it had a good beat for skipping. In fact most of the songs on the album were good for skipping.

I love the simplicity of life depicted in this song: We should be like this - in tune with nature and content with life just the way it is.

When it's twilight on the trail,
And I jog along, 
The world is like a dream 
And the ripple of the stream is my song.

When it's twilight on the trail,
And I rest once more, 
My ceiling is the sky 
And the grass on which I lie is my floor.

Never ever have a nickel in my jeans,
Never ever have a debt to pay, 
Still I understand what real contentment means, 
Guess I was born that way.

When it's twilight on the trail,
And my voice is still, 
Please plant this heart of mine 
Underneath the lonesome pine on the hill

Twilight on the trail - Nat King Cole from the album we had shown in this video.

Is there a song that brings back a childhood memory? Write a post or share in a comment.

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  1. Oh! loved the lyrics but for some reason the link did not take me directly to the video. I do not remember any particular song but we used to play antakshari when left without electricity and slowly the entire family(extended family) would join in too making it one merry moment.

  2. So much fun it was dance like no-one was watching. Nice song and lyrics.

  3. So much fun it was dance like no-one was watching. Nice song and lyrics.

  4. What fun it was to dance like noone was watching. Nice song and lyrics.

  5. Beautiful song and lyrics..thanks for sharing Suzy!

  6. Loved the lyrics! Will listen to the song when free.

  7. The lyrics are simple and yet so beautiful. Loved the slow rhythm of the song :)

  8. The lyrics are striking and lovely. The songs of the days gone by really have much more meaningful lyrics than the latest ones!

  9. Simple contentment is not so hard. You're right.

  10. Lovely, thanks for sharing this beautiful number Suzy! One of my eternal favorites remain the Carpenters! I keep humming songs from their albums till date!

  11. The words ring so true! I love this theme of yours :)

  12. Wow Suzy beautiful words :)

  13. I loved the song Rambling Rose but have never listened to the entire album. Thank you for sharing with us! This is how your theme inspired me You inspired me to try to find the identity of a lullaby (sung in the language of his parents) my father used to sing to me - and I found it. I will blog about it Thursday on what would have been his 102nd birthday had he been alive. And I will link to you. Thank you so much! Alana

  14. The lyrics are lovely and meaningful. Both my mum and papa are music lovers. So while growing up, there were tons of favourites at home. I miss those music filled days.

  15. Lovely lyrics...I hadn't heard this. For me, The Carpenters brings back childhood memories as my parents would play it often. I love Top of the World and Sing, sing a song


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