Sunday, June 12, 2016

Embracing the Journal Again #SoCS #FridayReflections

I love paper so it's not surprising that all through my childhood and youth I spent hours making things out of paper and writing letters to hundreds of penpals. And in amongst all that I also kept a diary.

Then as youth faded into adulthood, the diary became a thing of the past and journaling a forgotten activity.

Then along came the web and my blogs became my journals.  Alongside that I tried to resurrect the diary but after a couple of pages my enthusiasm waned.

In late 2015 I took up watercolour painting and one morning during my browsing for art supplies and Christmas presents I found a set of journals that I simply had to buy.

I thought a lot about journaling again bnt couldn't bring myself to start. Then as I started searching youtube for watercolour tutorials I came across the concept of the art journal. And that I embraced eagerly.

There is no set pattern for journaling. I journal when I feel the need to. Art journaling is so much fun and pictures speak a thousand words. I do write some short notes about the page - mostly why I did that page and if I tried any new techniques.

Sharing some pages from my mixed media art journal.

In the darkness someone lights a candle that ignites your soul 
- taken from my story "For I have talked with God"


Today's entry - I needed to reach out to my soul 
and that was best done listening to Santana's Samba Pa Ti

Written for:
#FridayReflections - Do you keep a journal?
#SoCS - Stream of Consciousness - just writing no editing - prompt = a word that has the letters "mb"

Do you journal?  Would love to hear your stories so do share by leaving a comment or write a post.

Warm Regards

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  1. Lovely. I have stopped keeping a diary . Blogging is my new journal
    @Daisy from
    Daisyinthe willows

  2. Lovely. Suzy, how talented you are. I have had journals but I wasn't regular. With blog I am much more.

  3. Wonderful Suzy. I just started bullet journaling and I absolutely love it. Your journal is beautiful!

  4. Oh this is beautiful, Suzy :) I used to have journals but not anymore., I have a diary where I scribble from time to time but that's very rare.. Have gone all digital now..

  5. Very cool and creative paintings. Journaling is an activity that we should all do and thankful that I still keep a diary:)

  6. Hey how charming is your work. I know very well, I'm not blessed with any such talent, I can draw only with a ruler, that's straight lines. I need not say your work is so beautiful. The journal, I took it as a hobby in my youth days, not any more.

  7. your journal is so beautiful... it radiates so much happiness and brightness. I loooveeee eettt :D :D

  8. That's beautiful Suzy! I have so many journals and write in only some of them at the moment. Need to make it more of a habit

  9. This is fantastic, Suzy. I love the beauties you have shared here. I am sure such art journaling has brought you much happiness and healing. Take care!

  10. These are so beautiful. Absolutely loved the journal art.

  11. Love your art journal, Suzy. What a wonderful idea! Love the idea of combining the words with illustrations. You've inspired me! I just managed to do my first blog post in three months. Don't know why I went so long without blogging. Talk about a dry spell.

  12. I still love making things from paper but as a Origami :) but yes I must start writing more. At present my handwriting can give doctors a run for their money


  13. Such bright and vivid imagery, Suzy! Interesting method for journalling. Now, I'm tempted to do it too. :)

  14. What a great idea! Your art is beautiful, Suzy. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Very inspiring, Suzy. I must restart my art journalling too.

  16. Very inspiring, Suzy. I must restart my art journalling too.


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