Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let Life Flow

Write Tribe Festival of Words #4 - Inspiration and Creativity

My theme for this festival is "Inspiration in three words"

Day 4 - June 02 2015 = Let Life Flow

The many events in my life have taught me that the Universe has a plan all of its own.

Life becomes easy when we accept and follow its plan even when the plan at that moment makes no sense. Yet more often than not we continue to stubbornly follow our own plan and make life infinitely harder than necessary.

We love forcing life onto a path we think is best for us. And we keep walking the path that is difficult. We seem to think that the more difficult the path and the more we overcome difficulties on it, the more successful we are. Instead of paddling downstream, we love paddling upstream.

But I believe that when we are in alignment with the Universal force, with our life path, things occur easily, the right people and things come our way and life just flows.

So stop paddling upstream. Instead have faith in the Universe, follow its path and go with its flow.

Let life flow.

Note to self:  Go with the flow, Let life flow.

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  2. I liked your belief in the universal force that sets our lives in motion and that we need to "stop paddling upstream"! So many of our problems would not even exist if we did so.

  3. The well known expression 'go with the flow' comes from this very belief. I like to think I'm on the right path, even though sometimes I'm discouraged.

  4. I too strictly believe in going with the flow. But unknowingly, i try to be in charge of the situation, which at times goes haywire.


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