Sunday, June 7, 2015

Believe You Can

Write Tribe Festival of Words #4 - Inspiration and Creativity

My theme for this festival is "Inspiration in three words"

Day 6 - June 06 2015 = Believe you can

Self belief is a key ingredient for success so in all you do believe you can.  

In all aspects of life, destiny does play a part and so does luck but attitude plays a major part in successes and failures.

When we doubt all we do or lack the confidence, then we send a message out that we can't and the Universe will oblige by putting blocks in your path even if what you are pursuing is your destiny. You will just make the road to it a lot harder.

When you believe you can, you send a message to your mind and to the Universe that your desire is achievable.  If what you pursue is truly not in your destiny, then perhaps that success won't come to you but the path you open up with your belief will lead to your pre ordained destiny and the Universe will make way for you, doors will open and help will arrive.

When you believe you can, even when you stumble, you will find the courage to stand up again and keep moving forward and moving forward is also a key factor in reaching your destination.

Note to self:  No matter what life throws your way, believe you can.

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  1. Great post, Suzy. The belief despite the odds make us overcome everything and find fulfillment cum success.


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