Wednesday, June 17, 2015

When a song goes around

Have you ever had a song that goes around and around in your head?

Few days ago I heard the song Perfidia and now it won't leave my mind.

The song just plays continuously and I wondered why.

Then yesterday evening a story formed in my mind woven around the song and hopefully I will post it in a few days.

Share a song that triggered something for you.

Enjoy "Perfidia" by Andrea Bocelli.

Youtube link - Perfidia Andrea Bocelli

Written for #MondayMusings

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  1. yeah! It happens to me more often as I'm also a music lover and the best thing is that it comes to me with surround sound even in the quietest moments of my routine.

  2. I would say 'same pinch'. Sometimes these songs play in my head even while sleeping and when I wake up the next morning it's a funny feeling. Kind of weird but its involuntary.

  3. We call these "earworms" in our country, and, oh yes, I have had my share of earworms. Sometimes, it's a song you don't like but it gets stuck. Ugh! A lot of songs have triggered creativity in me - too many to mention. Alana

  4. It happens to me too.. Recently I got hooked to this song "Luka Chupi" from hindi movie :"ang de basanti"..
    It just happens..

  5. It happens to me all the time! Edward Maya was stuck in my mind for as along as I can remember.

    This one is so soulful. I shall be playing this on loop as well :)

  6. Oh yes! It happens all the time! A song just gets stuck in your mind and keeps playing on loop! And then sometimes, you just can't stop singling along! I've landed into a few embarrassing situations when I started singing some weird songs at inappropriate places and the people around would suddenly look up at me as if I had gone nuts!

  7. It happens to me very often. What is most irritating is when an annoying jingle or song gets stuck in the head.

  8. LIKE!!! It's cool when something like that inspires you and brings out your creativity! And that LSS (last song syndrome) does happen a lot. I remember when I worked for a magazine, I discovered that one of us had the LSS tendencies, so I kept singing corny and silly songs so she'd sing them, as she had in public on several occasions. The worse part was she was/is not the type to sing such songs, he he...

  9. I just got soaked in the music! Lovely piece!


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