Friday, December 16, 2011

GBE2 - Curiosity

"Curiouser and curiouser" said Alice.

So here's what I am curious about ....

What would it have been like to have lived in the time of Jesus? 
I think it must've been so amazing to have met him in the flesh and blood. For all those who met him and heard him and sat with him, ate with him, it must have been a moment of pure bliss. Those were truly blessed people to have experienced Divinity first hand.
What would it be like to have an Angel (as in the Divine being) visit?
There are many people who have claimed to have had Angel visits, or seen Angels. Only one person I know has claimed to have been visited by an Angel. Has anyone has this experience? I don't know how I would react.
Did he like me? I think he did but did he really?
An absolutely gorgeous guy I knew and liked heaps in my teenage years. I'll never know if he really liked me 'cos he passed away so young. But I hope he did. He was so nice, so kind and so sweet and ever so cute. Oh I wish I knew.
 What is my life's work and who is my gorgeous Soulmate?
I think about these questions a lot and I am curious to know the answers. But then if I knew, the journey to discovery would be no fun. But I would like to know where my next job lies (C'mon Universe, tell me).
And I think it's great to be curious because I believe that curiosity paves the way for dreams and dreams lead us to our Destiny.

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  1. I love a curious nature. Cut post!

  2. good thoughts....
    i had a facebook message sent my way once... it was from a guy that apparently had a major crush on me in HS... i never knew.... it surprised me that someone had thought about me, and i didn't know about it... it's unfortunate we can't just tell people what we think, without causing them to run in the other direction... and like your experience, you will never know.....

  3. I hope that your journey brings you all sorts of wonderful blessings.

  4. I adore a curious mind! I imagine your curiosity will bring you a lot of joy and excitement.

  5. I know what you mean. So many things to wonder about. I once had an (angel?) grab me and save my life before I ran head on into a car. Does that count as having had one visit me?

    I believe G-d is like us. When we walk through a garden, we always pick the prettiest flower to take with us.


  6. Thanks Everyone. I am looking forward to the dreams coming true.
    @Joyce - I'm sure it does. Funny, I had the same experience except that it was 2 lovely ladies who yelled Stop before I stepped onto the road, that saved my life.
    Have the most Joyous Christmas and wish you all peace and love.


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