Saturday, December 10, 2011


Celebration is the topic for this week's Thursday Writer's Post

I thought I would post some of the celebrations that I've enjoyed this year.

First off the rank is my school class re-union. I do keep in touch with some of my classmates but was thrilled to meet so many others 35 years later. We had many re-union celebrations. I met some of them at a restaurant get-together and others at the main event - a weekend at a beautiful resort at Alibaug a "beachy" place near Mumbai. But the biggest thrill for me was going back to visit my school again. Just went zooming back in time. I even got to see my year 9 classroom - such a thrill.


my classroom

And as I was away for Christmas celebrating my re-union, we celebrated Christmas early in the year after I came back home. We celebrated at my daughter's place. We had a really nice evening and she cooked us a lovely meal.

In April my big project at work was successfully completed and implemented after 17 months and our managers gave us a big party. It was a relief the project went off so well and my team did an awesome job. The party was well deserved and it was great fun. 

Early this year my brother won two engineering excellence awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies. He received this award on my father's first death anniversary. My dad would've been so proud of him as we were.

This year, New Zealand hosted the Rugby World Cup and NZ won - world champions. And all of us celebrated all through the games. We had so much fun - I watched every game. 

at the Fan Zone

Later in the year we celebrated birthdays - mum's, the kids, and of course mine. My mother celebrated her 75th birthday so I threw a party for her. (Wish dad had been around to celebrate with us). My daughter's birthday is just a few days before mum's so we celebrated together - it was a surprise for her. My son unfortunately had exams on his birthday, but as birthday cakes are a must on birthdays, we did celebrate with a cake. And just like a boy he hacked it into 2! And I had the most awesome surprise on my birthday. Check out my song.

We also celebrated Diwali - the festival of lights. Diwali signifies the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, the end of any darkness in our lives and the hope of bright and happy days. Hence the lighting of lamps or diyas.

And now I look forward to celebrating Christmas this year. 

Wishing you all Happy Days.

Warm Regards


  1. Sounds like good times all the way around. I love the Beatles too!


  2. Nicely done. A good year of celebrations is a good year!

  3. I love a good celebration.

  4. Thanks Joyce - The Beatles rock.
    Thanks Jo - yes the good things outweigh the bad ones.
    Thanks Kelly - me too.
    Thanks LindyLou - yes, moments to remember and smile about.

  5. These are great ways to celebrate!! Thanks so much for sharing ;) Jenn.


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