Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fragile Lives #BarAThon

I'm really struggling with the prompts on this BarAThon.

This prompt somehow brings negative thoughts into my mind, but I want to write a positive spin on this. So again  I'm going to just let my fingers fly across the keyboard and let them take me where this post is meant to be.

I've written about this story before but for some reason I am compelled to write again so here it is again.

25 years ago one afternoon while we driving down to do our grocery shopping, the song "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison was playing on the radio and I was singing along. 

Just as the song ended, the car had a complete mechanical meltdown. The steering wheel locked, the accelerator jammed, the brakes failed and we were on a curve on the motorway. There was nothing we could do but to let the car go. It kept veering fast, crossed 2 lanes, crashed into a high bank and flipped over 3 times. 

As we were racing towards that bank, I heard this voice, loud and clear, that we should relax and roll with the car not resist the roll, and that all will be well. I remember saying calmly to my daughter "We're having an accident, roll with the car. We'll be ok".

The car was completely smashed and if you had seen it you never would've believed we came out of it alive let alone without a scratch on us. And it amazes me to this day how calm I was through the whole thing. I actually counted the rolls.

Life can be so unpredictable and change in an instant. But though life can be so fragile, I do believe that we are never alone.  

I have always believed that My Sweet Lord was with me that day who saved us, held us in His arms, protected us, reassured us and comforted us and kept me calm in what were the most terrifying moments of my life.

My sweet Lord
I really want to see you
Really want to be with you
Really want to see you Lord
But it takes so long, my Lord
My sweet Lord
I really want to know you ...

Here's a link to my earlier post that describes my moment of realization of My Sweet Lord.

Share a moment when life felt so fragile and yet something good came of it.

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon. A 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #CrimsonRush
Day 3 prompt is Fragile Lives


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  1. Ha I struggled with this one - fragile lives bough all morbid thots. Did you share this story as a prt of previous AtoZ - Indeed there is a power more supreme thn us and maybe when I grow wise enuf to realize that I only really control my fate beyond a point, i wi earn to be in peace!

  2. I know what you mean Suzy. The strange thing is the prompt for today seemed so appropriate after I read about my friend. Strange coincidence.

  3. I felt the prompt would lead me to write something negative too...thankfully I found a way to avert that! Unbelievable that you came out unscathed from such a terrifying accident. Indeed one realizes the fragility of life and also the fact that we are all mere puppets being orchestrated by a supreme Lord.

  4. I remember reading about this instance. It is times like these that bring home the fragility of life and the strength that you can derive from God's presence. What a perfect choice for the prompt Suzy.

  5. Oh Gosh!! you are brave... can't even imagine the scene. So glad you and your family were safe. Divine intervention indeed!!

  6. Yes, the prompt did tend to bring morbid thoughts for me, too. Hard not to, I guess. I liked your take on it though. What an ordeal it must have been when you were in that accident! So glad to hear you weren't hurt. Amazing how calm you were and how you knew you would be okay. Must have been divine intervention, for sure.

  7. OMG! That's scary. True, because of incidents like these, we realize that life can be so unpredictable. We never know which way it can turn! Glad that you all were safe and fine!

  8. Amen!
    That must've been some experience! I believe we all have Guardian Angels watching over us and your story has just re-enforced my belief.
    Stay safe. Apt take on the prompt!

  9. That supreme power is always with us. We might not realize during the good times but we do see and our grateful for that presence that gives us strength in the hard times.
    So glad you and your daughter were not hurt.

  10. Beautiful , scary, spiritual experience Suzy. Divinity is with us and you are fortunate to know it.

  11. Suzy, you've written about this song before. I love it. And I remember reading about your accident earlier. Hugs. I am glad you and your daughter were unhurt. I think you were amazing through the experience.

  12. Glad to know you're safe! The almighty above has fixed everything for everyone! Sending you all the good wishes!


  13. Scary event and glad to know you and your family made it safe. Life is unpredictable so we definitely need to look up at Almighty for strength and support.

  14. That must have been such a harrowing experience! Divine help is what got you through, undoubtedly.Its only after such instances that we start valuing the quality our lives much more.

  15. That must have been such a harrowing experience! Divine help is what got you through, undoubtedly.Its only after such instances that we start valuing the quality our lives much more.

  16. Thanks for sharing this Suzy...somehow I needed to read this today. When our trust in him is unwavering, he can never let go of our hand. Utterly beautiful.

  17. Oh my god! That's so scary. Must have been a disturbing experience. But I also know that if He is looking after you, no harm will come your way. Thanks for sharing. The story firms up the belief and you are right about how lives can change in moments.


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