Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What You Don't Know #BarAThon

This prompt had me scratching my head for ideas but I just turned up with blanks. So as always I thought I would do a free write and see where my thoughts take me.

I really wanted to write on a spiritual theme but perhaps today I'm not supposed to. Instead the thought of the things that you perhaps don't know about me keeps going around in my head So here are some things that you don't know about me.

I was 2 years old when I took my first trip overseas to Singapore from Bombay. The flights back then took almost 12 hours and the propeller jets made the most awful noise. I screamed my head off for most of the flight and broke my mother's watch. Having heard this story from my mother, I now have a great tolerance for kids on planes.

I was about 6 years old when my dad bought me a puzzle book. Quite similar to the logic puzzles you get today I absolutely loved the book and it began my love affair with puzzles, one of the many things I had in common with my dad  When Sudoku came into existence, both my dad and I took to it like a duck to water. My dad had a routine of solving sudoku and word puzzles everyday. I try and solve one sudoku puzzle everyday usually on the bus home from work.

I was about 8 years old when at a movie (can't remember which one), they were handing out a  picture for a colouring competition held by Eagle flasks. My dad sent my colouring in and I won the 3rd prize - you guessed it, an Eagle flask.  Don't remember what the picture was but I do remember I coloured it in various shades of green and blue. And I don't know why that sticks so much in my memory.

Do share some of your What You Don't Know things.

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon. A 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #CrimsonRush
Day 2 prompt is What You Don't Know.


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  1. Hello Suzy, your posts are such a delight! I was actually imagining a little girl, bawling in the aircraft, then that little girl taking up puzzles and art! You know, doing puzzles of any kind is the best way to ward off dementia and other signs of aging, so hats off to you! What you don't know about me is I am a qualified pharmacist, I just didn't practice as I found it totally alien to what I was!

  2. Loved your post Suzy. It's a good idea to talk about yourself when you have no idea! This is one topic we are all familiar with, ins't it? I became tolerant of kids on planes after I travelled with my twins - having kids is a real eye-opener. Our memory has a strange way of retaining some bits and letting go of the others and so you remember the colours but the not the picture :-). Oh i could fill a post, many posts actually, with the things people don't know about me. Will spare this space though :-).

  3. I love Sudoku too... Although I take a long time to solve one, I still love it. Once done I feel like a rocket scientist :D I totally feel for the parents with babies in planes, it's sometimes such a helpless situation for them.

  4. My kid has bawled his lungs out in a flight when he was 45 days old and that was a big lesson for me and I am very empathetic towards moms with toddlers. My mom is a sudoku enthusiast too. Her day is not complete without solving one that appears in the newspaper. I am more of a word games and puzzles person. Eagle Flask... wow, we had one ages ago too! A delightful read and a good one for the prompt!

  5. I love Sudoku! But it's been a while I've played one! It's nice to learn so many things about you!


  6. I enjoyed the memories of childhood that you shared. I feel I know you a bit better. Having our own kids certainly does make us more tolerant of other peoples' kids, that's for sure.

    What you don't know about me is that I couldn't do a Sudoku to save my life and anything with numbers makes me run in the opposite direction!

  7. it's beautiful to read the childhood memories...they are like that secret place that stays hidden somewhere in the depth of your heart to be remembered with fondness...

    what you don't know about me...I split my chin jumping down from the chair when I was four and I had to be stitched. I still have that ugly mark as reminder! Oh..and i burnt my hair while bowing before a candle, as a seven yr old! I was very weird I think!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  8. So glad you turned up with blanks and free wrote, because of which we know a little more of you:)
    I could never figure out Sudoko and admire people who solve it in a jiffy!

    Great take on the prompt!:)

  9. Isn't life so amazing!! Such memories make it even more awesome! And yes, this post was meant to be Suzy. Though we write to prompts, the words are predetermined and predestined. God Blessings my dear!

  10. Isn't life so amazing!! Such memories make it even more awesome! And yes, this post was meant to be Suzy. Though we write to prompts, the words are predetermined and predestined. God Blessings my dear!

  11. Those are some cool memories! I like puzzles too but not sudoku - hate maths.
    Your must have gone crazy during the flight!! It is tough for kids no doubt.

  12. It was lovely to read about you, Suzy!


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