Friday, August 5, 2016

Tiny Shoes #BarAThon

Indra the King of the demi Gods was irate. "How dare they not worship me" he thundered.

Indra's thunderbolts created the fiercest storm Vrindavan had ever seen.

Little Krishna called the people to shelter under Goverdhan Mountain which he lifted with his little finger.

The storm raged for 6 days and all the while Krishna held the mountain aloft and played his flute.

Eventually Indra gave up. The storm ceased and the waters receded.

There are many lessons in this story but the one that matches today's prompt is:

Never judge anyone by the size of their shoes. Sometimes tiny shoes are extremely large shoes to fill.

Watch this little Krishna story for more details on Krishna and Govardhan Mountain.

The Krishna Govardhan Mountain story is one of my favourite Krishna stories. Do you have a favourite story?

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon. A 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #CrimsonRush
Day 5 prompt is Tiny Shoes

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  1. That was a beautiful take on the prompt Suzy! I love the Krishna and Kaliya tale and also the tale where he steals all the gopikas clothes!

  2. True that Suzy. Indra is classic case of a successful but very insecure man.

  3. So true! Such a beautiful story to bring out this message. Lovely take on the prompt!

  4. Great take on the prompt, Suzy. I always enjoy you sharing the stories about the different gods as I find it so fascinating.

  5. Loved this. All of Krishna's stories have been my favourite right from early childhood. Indeed tiny shoes can be hard to fill :)

  6. Was waiting for this post of yours on Lord Krishna! Beautifully sketched as usual.

  7. Wow. How beautifully you fit the prompt to this story, Suzy. I loved that particular series. I remember ISKCON had a 3-D Krishna series. It was fabulous.

  8. I'm loving the way you're linking the prompts with stories of Kanha. And that Krishna animation is one of my favourites. Li'l Love must have been inspired by Him. :-)

  9.'ve connected the story so well to the prompt. And I love all stories of Krishna

  10. Loved the way you amalgamated today's prompt with the story of Krishna! Very creative, Suzy!

  11. perfect for the prompt! Indra finally realised the weight of those tiny shoes!

  12. I loved how you bought Krishna's story with the prompt. So cute and that story is my favorite too. The might of the lord.


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