Thursday, August 4, 2016

Caught Red Handed #BarAThon

Young Kanha (Lord Krishna) and his friends looked around for the pot of butter. Krishna loved butter. But today they could not find any pots.

Yashoda maiya (mother) had cleverly tied them together suspended from the ceiling.

As Krishna and his friends contemplated their next move, a little bit of butter slipped from one of the pots. The treasure had been found.

The young boys climbed on each other's shoulders and reached those elusive pots of butter. Then followed a butter feast.

Yashoda maiya was returning on home and on hearing her footsteps the young lads ran. The door opened and maiya gazed in anguish at the pots of butter and at young Krishna.

Caught red handed the young Kanha cautiously licked the last of the butter off his face.

"Did you eat the butter?" demanded an annoyed maiya.

"Mein nahi makhan khayo" (I did not eat the butter) said young Krishna with the most innocent of faces and the most endearing of eyes.

"Open your mouth" demanded maiya. Lord Krishna opened his mouth and showed her the entire Universe.

Janmashtami is the festival to celebrate Lord Krishna's birth.

When I was young, the residents of the lane where I lived would tie a pot of yoghurt with some  money. People would simulate Lord Krishna and his friends to get at the pot.

They heralded their arrival with the song "Govinda Ala Re Ala" (Govinda = Lord Krishna, has come)

I really enjoyed watching them but I believe this is now banned in Mumbai.  Such a pity. This is one childhood memory that is etched in my mind.

Here is a video of a Bollywood movie depicting the festival.

Share a memory of a festival you really enjoy.

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon. A 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #CrimsonRush
Day 4 prompt is Caught Red Handed


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  1. Isn't this the most adorable story! It must have given Yashoda maiya so much pain to pretend to be angry with the enchanting and captivating young Kanha!

  2. ahh this is so adorable. Young Kanha was so naught and lovable at the same time :)

  3. ... and I shall have Shammi Kapoor in my thoughts the rest of the day. Thank you for that. Pune still has the Govindas and the matki. They build that huge pyramid for the prize money in the matki. It's good fun but dangerous too. We love Janamashtami.

  4. So many such traditions and festivals are getting banned or have lost the charm over the course of time. Kanha is one of my favourite Gods too. The first one being Ganesha. :-)

  5. Loved hearing this story and watching the video of that Bollywood movie depicting that festival you mentioned, too. Your posts are always so fascinating and interesting, Suzy.

    We have festivals in Canada but nothing like those, more to celebrate music or harvest time, stuff like that. I like how India has so many special festivals and special days. There always seems to be a celebration of some kind.

  6. So beautiful Suzy :) My beloved Kanhaiyya's story :) And an old song to watch too, such a treat, tks. My favourite memories would be of Holi and Diwali, colour drenching and Diyas food and crackers.

  7. Janmashtami is sometime away rt? It coincides with my susters "star" birthday - last year we had a gaa time dressing up my little one as "kannan" :)

  8. Enjoyed reading this story of maakhan chor once again.
    I dont think dahi handi is banned in Mumbai. The court has given directives to make it safe for the participants as there are quite a few accidents and casualties and also there are some restrictions on the height of pyramids.

  9. That's the classic caught red handed story, Suzy and no matter how many times we hear it, it is always charming! And I adore that song with Shammi!

  10. Such a sweet story of the timeless butter thief. Kahana is the cutest. They now have teams that practice and do the matki thing under controlled conditions but it is still there with the prize money in lacs.

  11. This my little one's favorite story! I must have narrated this to him a thousand times..and he still wants me to narrate it every single night at bed time! and I have to keep reinventing it somehow to have something new for him within the story! I loved this one!

  12. Absolutely loved your take cause it is full of mischief and we grew up hearing this tale :)


  13. Isn't Janamashtami around the corner? What a timing. This one story is also so beautiful of showing Mum the universe. What a lovely one.

  14. I grew up knowing the whole Mahabarata and Krishna story by heart... so many wonderful narratives and short stories within it.


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