Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pulling Tips Out Of A Bag

For the Write Tribe Festival - Rediscovering your blogging groove

Day 5 - Write A Tip Post

I struggled to find a topic and write a whole lot of tips around that.

So instead I thought I'd just pull a few out of the bag

On Writing:

  • Cultivate your own unique style and forget about the many Do's and Don'ts you'll come across. It's not in keeping with the norm that extraordinary things are born (Read my full post on Writing Tips)

On Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Don't waste your time on overcoming weaknesses. Focussing on weaknesses makes you mediocre. Focus instead on your strengths and become great. 

On Life

  • Make peace with your life just the way it is and then go with the flow

Share a few of your tips on all of the above and throw in any other favourite ones too.

Be blessed, stay blessed.

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Warm Regards

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  1. O this is a great idea for a "tips" post. Smart thinking, Suzy!

  2. So true Suzy what you say about life and strengths... I agree wholeheartedly!

  3. Agree with the one on life. Making peace with the past and the present is so important, as the pain of what happened is inevitable, but continuing to suffer is optional.

  4. My best blogging tip is to have a set day to post. I post on Sunday nights, Tuesday nights, and Thursday nights, but I've started to join into a Saturday night blog hop many weeks.

  5. I couldn't say it any better Suzy, not right now anyway. ;) <3


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