Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review

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I am convinced that books find me. So when a friend shared a picture from the facebook page The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, I was intrigued, And from there I was led to buy the kindle version of the book. So here is my review of that book.

Book: The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers
Author: Annie Kagan

image source: google images

What the book is about

In The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There's Life After Death, Kagan shares the extraordinary story of her after death communications (ADC) with her brother Billy, who began speaking to her just weeks after his unexpected death. taken from

Billy described to Annie his journey back to his spiritual home and along the way he relayed some delightful insights into life and death.

My views on the book

Written in simple language, it was a very easy read. There were parts of the book particularly towards the end that seemed a bit far fetched but of course this is about the afterlife so who knows what really abounds there.

On the whole it was uplifting and inspirational, a book you could pick up and refer to again and again. I am reading the book again and I find that I am enjoying it more on the second read and the messages seem deeper and more meaningful.

Some quotes from the book to give you a little glimpse into what you might expect from it:

A shift in perspective makes the particles in your Universe dance to new possibilities

We signed up to do this dance together before we were born

Get rid of beliefs that keep you running around following rules others have set down

I enjoyed the book and its messages resonated with me as a lot of what I read was what I believe too. Maybe the Universe sent this along as confirmation of my own beliefs.

If you are on a spiritual journey, this book may provide the means to expand your mind. If you don't believe in the afterlife, it may open your mind to that possibility.  And if you are steadfast in your own beliefs then it may just be an interesting story to read and perhaps ponder over another day.

My rating: 4 stars and highly recommended.

Happy Reading

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  1. Sounds like a good book to pick up sometime. Thanks for this helpful review, Suzy. I agree some books become more meaningful when read a second or third time!

    1. Thanks. It's worth a read. Beloo particularly if you are on a spiritual journey.

  2. 4 stars.. wow it must be a really good read. I have never read a book on afterlife, I should pick one too.

    1. Pick this one Rajlakshmi. It's an easy but fascinating read.

  3. Sounds like a real good book.... Sounds interesting too ... Will make a note...Thanks for sharing

    Random Thoughts Naba..Love in the time of Cholera: A Review.....

  4. The last book that I read was about ghosts and how some people can communicate with them and how the ghosts can teleport and telemorph. Of course it was a fiction and you never know if all that's true, but it was a fascinating read. This book also sounds very interesting and intriguing! Thanks for sharing, Suzy :)

    1. My pleasure Shilpa. It is a very interesting and fascinating book.

  5. Thts a book I should def tell Pravs abt...more his taste than mine! Hv still not upgraded from fictionu c:)

  6. Messages from the afterlife - sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks Tulika. It is a very interesting book. Worth a read.

  7. Sounds like and interesting book indeed. After life is so intriguing.


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