Monday, March 3, 2014

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Written for the Write Tribe Festival of Words #3 Day 2 -  Blog Love

Show some love to another blog or blogs by showcasing them on yours. Share with us why you love a particular blog or blogs. We encourage you not to include blogs of people in your circle – or people taking part in the Festival of Words

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

In the world of poetry

Sumana Roy's blog Vision is one of my favourite blogs.

Sumana writes beautiful poems with a spiritual aspect to them that appeals to my senses and resonates with me. Each poem is simply written, visually stimulating and draws the reader in. There's never a moment when I've thought "what on earth does that mean" (something I do more often than not in reading poems).
Sumana shares her life story in an interview with Sherry Blue Sky.

In the world of photography I enjoy:

Magic Eye's Mumbai Daily.

Not only is Magic Eye a superb photographer but he also posts the most unusual pictures of my hometown Mumbai. I have learned so many new things about Mumbai and remembered my moments there. In short, I relive my Mumbai days through this blog.

Rajesh's My India Travel

Rajesh showcases India so beautifully with spectacular photos, a little bit of history of each. Such an interesting blog. Again, I learn so much of my birth country through this blog.

And then there is

Martha's Meditations Of My Heart

Martha can pick any situation in her life, anything she's observed, anything she's read and weave it into a meditation, a teaching. And her love for her Lord shines through her words. I consider myself a spiritual person as opposed to a religious person and I believe that my connection to the Great Spirit is best done in solitude and silence. But I always find some connection to Spirit through Martha's blog. Each post ends with a prayer that is delightful and apt and more often than not, it's just what I need to hear that day. The Lord leadeth me there.

I hope you will enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

My posts so far: Day 1

And in keeping with previous festivals, here are some Day 1 posts I enjoyed:
Kajal's Love Ballad:  We must've had some esp going on as our stories were so similar.
Kathy's Into the Sunset: A story about a daughter's love for her mother. Heart-warming and beautiful.
Roshan's Survivor's Secret Having faith in the charioteer of your destiny

Drop my facebook page Suzy's Ilation and if any of your posts needs some tlc, leave a link there and I'll drop by and give it some love.

Warm Regards


  1. good to find another fan of Mumbai Daily... thanks for introducing the others Suzy :)

  2. Nice to see the variety of blogs. Thank you for sharing them

  3. You have shared a nice variety of blogs Suzy. Well chosen!

  4. I tumbled upon Martha's blog just today and the other three I have visited often and loved :) esp Sumana's poems!

  5. It is pretty difficult to choose from the many nice blogs like I am in a quandary in a sweet shop not able to decide which one to choose.Most of the blogs claim our attention
    Thanks for bringing to attention the four that you like best

  6. Thank you Suzy for sharing your favourite blogs. I also like Sumana,s and Rajesh's blogs.

  7. Thanks for introducing these fabulous blogs here. And thanks for the mention too...guess we do have some telepathy :)

  8. Going to have to check those blogs out as I haven't seen any other than the photography one...

  9. Thank you so much Suzy for featuring my blog on yours. Really appreciate it.

  10. Martha and Deepak, I know. I'm bookmarking the others, Suzy!

  11. Bookmarking these blogs. What fun this exercise is turning out to be!

  12. I read their blogs and agree with you that they have wonderful and informative blogs. Each provide a view of their world differently.

  13. I love Sumana's work and I am bookmarking others Suzy. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Different genres you have chosen, Suzy! I like Mumbai Daily too. Will check out the other blogs you mentioned too :)

  15. Yeah I follow Magiceye too. Love his pictures. Will check out the others.

  16. Thanks Suzy for featuring my blog on yours...and thanks for the wonderful comment @ my blog....

  17. I also love Magiceye, but the others were new to me. Interesting to read why you choose them, and I will check them out for sure:-)

  18. I have at one time or the other read these and yes they are all great reads!


  19. oh! I haven't read any of these blogs before!!
    They all sound quite interesting and I can't wait to check them all out! :)

  20. Book marking Mumbai Daily. Thank you for sharing :)

  21. There's going to be a good collection of lovely blogs...will book mark them....thanks for sharing

  22. Thanks Suzy and time to discover new bloggers. I am looking forward to this beautiful collection:)


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