Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fives - Lifelong Learning

Thought I'd switch over to something new this Friday and found this meme which I thought may be fun.
So giving it a try. 

Friday Fives is taken from

1. What's something you recently learned how to do on a computer?
     adding the "You might also like" widget on my blog.

2.  What's something you recently learned in the kitchen?
     turn down the heat for the next batch of pizzas otherwise they burn to a crisp!

3.  What's something you recently learned about the town where you live?
     the first ever New Zealand Chocolate festival started today at the Inter Continental Hotel.

4.  What's something you recently learned from television?
      approximately every 18 months a total solar eclipse occurs somewhere and lasts upto a maximum
      of 8 minutes. (National Geographic channel)

5.  What's something you recently learned the hard way?
      trusting everyone is not a good idea. 

Share your Friday Fives too.

Links:  Chocolate Festival


  1. Thought provoking.....some interesting answers! :-)

  2. Thanks Kate. The questions look easy but they're quite hard to answer. Have a fab day. :)


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