Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fives - Alarming

"Alarming" questions.

1.  What was your most memorable alarm-clock failure?
     Never had a "memorable" alarm-clock failure but some months ago I set the alarm clock to
     6.30pm instead of 6.30am.  I woke up at 8.00am and missed my usual bus.

2.  What item recently in the news do you find most alarming?
     NZ Super Fund may be investing in companies that manufacture cluster bombs.

3.  Of car alarms, burglar alarms, and smoke alarms, which do you consider most effective or useful?
     Definitely smoke alarms. They save lives.

4.  If the shoplifting alarm is tripped as you exit a store, what do you do?
     Stop and clear it with the shop assistant. Some alarms are very sensitive.

5.  If you owned some kind of personality alarm to warn you upon first meeting someone
     of likely trouble in the relationship, what five qualities would you set it to detect?
     Dishonesty,  Drama queen / king,  Selfishness,  Greedy,  Self centred,  Uncaring
     (i had to do 6 couldn't pick only 5)

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    1. 1. I often forget to switch my daily alarm off when I am on holiday thus resulting in a very much needed lie-in
      2. I rarely watch the news as I find it depressing but the London riots a couple of weeks ago were a shocking display of greed and selfishness.
      3. I agree, smoke alarms.
      4. I always go back and get my bags checked.
      5. Arrogance, self-importance, materialistic, greed, hatred (tough to answer)
      Have a great week xx

    2. thanks Kate.
      London riots were shocking.
      And agree with your number 5s. Hard to pick 5.
      Enjoy your day.


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