Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - The Warrior of the Light is Grateful

Paulo Coelho is one of my favourite authors and his "Warrior of the Light: A Manual" is one of my favourite books.

Whenever I am need of inspiration, motivation or comfort, I find a passage from this book that moves me along on my journey through life.

     In my Thursday Thoughts posts, I will quote some texts from the
     book and my thoughts on it.

Lately there have been many posts and tweets on gratitude so I think this one is perfect for this week's post.

A Warrior of the Light knows that he has much to be grateful for.  
Angels help him in his struggle, celestial forces place each thing in its place, 
thus allowing him to give it his best. 
His gratitude, however, is not limited to the spiritual world; he never forgets his friends.
A Warrior does not need to be reminded of the help given him by others. 
He is the first to remember.

I know that there have been so many events in my life that have been Divinely guided.  And I am most aware of that in my working life.

I describe my projects as a jigsaw puzzles and as I progress through them, the pieces start to fall into place. I have often stood at crossroads and wondered what step to take to lead my team forward. A solution will suddenly appear. I get handed the next piece in the jigsaw that I need. Sometimes, my team will provide the answer sometimes I find it myself with a sudden thought in my head.

In other aspects of my life too, I know that Divine forces help me along my path.

Some years ago I was returning home from work and came to a busy crossing.  I was deep in thought and blindly following the crowd. I was about to step onto the road when suddenly behind me I heard someone say "We should stop there are many cars coming". It jolted me out of my reverie and stopped me just in time. Had I not, I would have probably been hit by the car that came zooming down the road.

There are so many other incidents in my life where the Universe has quietly come to my rescue or nudged me on my path. Paulo Coelho's tweet "I may not recognize God's hand each day, but I know it's there " describes this best.

I am extremely grateful for the support and help of my Spiritual helpers, my co-workers, my wonderful family and friends.  My Paint Write and be Grateful series helps me feel the gratitude every day of my life. And so before I sleep each night I give thanks to all.

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