Saturday, June 25, 2011

Question of the day - How do you get from Chaos to being Zen?

I am going to answer this question based on my definition of Zen.

For me Zen means - to be balanced and in a peaceful and calm state

So what do I do to get back to my Zen state when chaos reigns?

C  =  change the scenery 
              If I'm in a position to change the scenery, I will remove myself from the situation.
              The best way for me to change the scenery is to take a walk. 
              Gabby Bernstein sums it up nicely as "take a fiver"

H  =  humour
              One of the most effective techniques for me is to find the humour in the situation. It changes 
              the dynamics for me completely.
              If I can't find the humour myself, I will find someone who will find it for me. I have a few friends
              and workmates who have the most amazing sense of humour. I call on them to keep me sane. 

A  =  accept the situation 
             There are times when I simply can't change the scenery. Then I accept the situation as it is.
             Someone taught me a technique many years ago to "Accept and Detach".
             Having accepted the situation I place it in front of me like an object so I can detach from it.
             Then I deal with it in the most appropriate way.
O  =  organise
              If the chaos is my own creation, then the best way for me to move out of it is to organise.

S  =  spiritual practice
              My spiritual practice consists of many different things.  Anything that helps me connect with
              my inner being, is a spiritual practice for me.
              Ho'oponopono is a technique that is so effective for me because it is simple, I can practice it
              anywhere and it works. I love it.
              I love listening to music and I have my special playlist that I listen to when I need to get in touch
              with myself.
              I also practice my karate. For me karate is not just a martial art and a form of exercise,
              it is a spiritual practice that brings focus, sharpens my mind, and brings me back to a state
              of balance.


Z  =  zzz,  sleep on it
             If it's a solution that I am seeking that is creating chaos in my mind, I will usually sleep on it.
             Doesn't work all the time but more often than not the answer will be in my head the next
             morning. It may not be a complete answer, but it provides the way to the solution.

E  =  exhale and inhale, breathe
              If chaos is starting to stress me out, then the best thing for me is to undertake Dr Hew Len's
              breathing technique. It's short and simple and it helps me to calm down.
 =  new way of doing 
              Sometimes a new way of doing something helps to remove the jumble. I find this most at work
              particularly when I'm planning my projects. Rather than stressing over a plan that does not 
              work or doesn't feel right, I will look at several alternatives. Then suddenly one will stand out 
              and I can feel my heart and mind nod in synch - yes! Then chaos starts to fade.

My post on Meditation  has links to ho'oponopono and Dr Hew Len's breathing technique.

Check out Gabby Bernstein's  Take a Fiver 


  1. Thanks for reminding us of these 'little things' we can all do to make ourselves feel better :-)

  2. Thanks Kat. It's a good reminder for me too! My own page bookmarked.


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