Saturday, June 4, 2011

Question of the day - How do you overcome fear?

This is a difficult one to answer because I think the way I overcome it depends on the situation that created it.

There are times when I take calculated risks and times when you simply walk away.

So if I'm in a situation that could be life threatening and I have a choice (say bungee jumping) I think I might just walk away.

Or if my action would be harmful to someone or detrimental to myself, I know I would walk away.

"Feel the fear and do it anyway" applies to a lot of scenarios but I don't think it applies to all.

If however I choose not to walk away, then I think the only way I could overcome the fear is to not think too much of the consequences (as this could hold me back) and then


  1. Question of the day: How many blogs do you have anyway?

    Answer: It doesn't matter. I love reading them all.


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