Thursday, March 26, 2020

#atozchallenge 2020 - Theme Reveal

It's great to be blogging and I'm looking forward to the A to Z this year.

I truly believe that you can find a blessing in most (not all but most) difficulties.

And so as the world faces this pandemic that has caused mayhem, I can see a few blessings.

I have missed the A to Z for a few years now. I think my last one was in 2017. So the pandemic has given me the opportunity to join in this year.

My theme for this year is "In The Lockdown"

New Zealand went into full lockdown at 11.59pm yesterday (25 March) for at least 4 weeks. I will vlog and blog each day - a diary of events, thoughts and feelings.

And I will look forward to reading many posts. 

Be safe, stay safe
Be strong, stay strong
Be kind  stay healthy
Stay at home #Stayhome

Warm Regards

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  1. Hello Suzy, I hope youre doing great. I used to follow blogs and post frequently, I'm hoping to begin again, cheers! Stay safe :)

  2. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this pandemic.

  3. I've seen many bloggers choosing the pandemic for an AtoZ theme. But truly I think this year will enter history.

    I'll see you around. We're almost there!

    The Old Shelter - Theme Reveal - Living the Twenties

  4. What a timely theme! Stay safe, Suzy!


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