Monday, October 9, 2017

You are the Universe ... #writebravely #WriteTribeProBlogger #MondayMusings

Today's prompt for the #WriteTribeProBlogger challenge is Terminal. This word has many meanings but I'm going to use this in the context of boundaries.

Do you ever think of a different world? Sometimes I wonder if this world was meant to be the way it has turned out or something quite different.

So many rules and regulations to abide with. Everywhere we go there are restrictions and boundaries. And it starts way back in childhood in school. We all have to conform to an education system that caters for only one type of student - the academic.

And then there are restrictions and boundaries each country places. When will we become citizens of Earth? When will each individual be able to do the things that bring them joy, experiment with creative pursuits without fear of failure. When will there be a society where money is no longer a commodity that determines wealth but the ability to provide happiness to others does, where all work together for the betterment of humanity.

Will we ever see an Earth like this? Will we all someday truly have the ability to reach for the stars in the way we each individually want to.

You are the Universe but society teaches limitation
~ Billy Fingers (from the book The Aferlife of Billy Fingers)

What do you think? Are you okay with restrictions, boundaries and limitations or would you also like to see a different world?

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  1. I worry for the future of this world; if anything, we seem to be regressing with so much hate. I wish we could just be citizens of earth as opposed to different countries and races. It's not a fun place to be right now.

  2. I think the world is becoming more closed and insecure. There is mistrust and hatred and sure, I wish things were not this complex.

  3. The world seems to be becoming more closed, fearful, and divided. I worry about where we are headed sometimes, and wonder what kind of world we are leaving for the generations that will come after us.

    Modern Gypsy

  4. I absolutely agreed with your thoughts,Yes! it is true that every where we go, we always faced different restrictions and boundaries, in fact nowadays the true spirit of childhood has been lost. and the world seems to be a insecure and fearful place. hoping one day, things will improve.

  5. This is so true. Imagine a world without boundaries. Life without rules. A very thought provoking post, indeed. Cheers!

    Rashi Mital
    Live It Young

  6. Restrictions and inhibitions are not good for anyone. We all should be allowed to explore and enjoy without any worry of boundaries.

  7. How I wish for the very same thing, Suzy! That we all work as ONE, towards a better future, towards a better,more peaceful life. I do have my doubts, though!

  8. Insecurity and greed plague us and that is is root cause of all issues and miseries. I wonder about the future too and wish we get out act together before it is too late.

  9. There are far too many divisions and they only seem to be deepening. I also wonder where we're headed, more and more these days.


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