Monday, October 23, 2017

Monsters in my Mind ... #writebravely #WriteTribeProBlogger #MondayMusings

Monsters in my mind 
The ones that slow me down
The ones I cannot find
But always make me frown

Each time I say I can do this
They undoubtedly say I can't
Opportunities they block so I miss
And negative thoughts they plant

I need so much to vanquish this pest
The monster needs to go
It laughs and makes my life a jest
My thoughts move to and fro

I know that when the monster sleeps
My mind is clear and free
It's okay if it occasionally peeps
But only once in a thousand ninety three 

The mind is our greatest enemy, the monster that needs to be tamed. It is our biggest saboteour. It has this mean habit of throwing fears and doubts our way. It's a hard one to tame completely but when we have those interludes of freedom from the monster, life seems to feel and look better.

A shift in perspective makes the particles in your Universe dance to new possibilities.
~ Billy Fingers (from the book The Aferlife of Billy Fingers)

Have you tamed the monster in your mind?

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Written for:
#WriteTribeProBlogger Challenge

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  1. Nicely done Suzy! Brene Brown calls them gremlins. They are annoying to say the least and we all have different forms of them :)

  2. True, taming the inner negative monster is most difficult. But that's what we need to try.

  3. I agree. To each their own fears and monsters, and some that no one else can tame or understand. They have to be handled by us, and us alone.

  4. Great one. If we learn to control our mind we can conquer the world...

  5. Yes the mind is indeed a big sabateur and hold us back. Its so easy for us to give into doubts than overcome them to embrace confidence!

  6. Oh yes! The mind can be a monster, for sure. That's why it's so necessary we show it who is boss and keep it on a tight leash!

  7. "It's okay if it occasionally peeps But only once in a thousand ninety three"... Hahaha... that's a good one, Suzy! But it would be wonderful, if that happened.

  8. The quote in the end is perfect. Its all about the perspective and how we see things. Its all in the mind.

  9. Superb..I also agree your mind and your thought process is the biggest factor that influence your life direction. and sometimes we all had negative emotions, and we have to learn fight with them with power of positive thoughts and optimism.

  10. Very nice Suzy, the monsters within are the difficult ones to tame!

  11. Great lines Suzy. The real monsters are there within us. We need to tackle them first before we go ahead to tackle the external ones.


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