Monday, September 7, 2015

#SeptemberChallenge #Faith and #Hope

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Greetings from my home.

Thought I would change track for today.

I've read many posts on hope and faith today and as I went through them the following words came to mind:

"Hope gives us the will and Faith gives us the strength to keep going"

Never lose hope and always have faith.

Linking to #MondayMusings. Today we have been asked to ponder on a mission statement for our blogs.  Here's mine that I've had for a while now

I dream because dreams make life worth living
I write to share the insights of my soul 
I rhyme because poetry gives me great joy
I photograph to capture a moment in time to remember forever

My blogs are a reflection of these. I share the insights of my soul and my dreams through my blog Someday Somewhere (this blog), my poems at Reflections of my Soul  and my photos at Photos are Fun.

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Warm Regards

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  1. Love the clarity of your mission statement, Suzy!

  2. Indeed faith is so important Suzy! I would have felt so helpless n lost if I didn't have the god I rest my faith on

  3. Wonderful mission statement, Suzy.
    I share your views.

  4. So clearly you have reflected your mission statement Suzy...I don't know if I can write mine in such crystal clear words..

  5. Thats a beautiful way you have explained the reasons for your blogging. Short and sweet.

  6. I love the simplicity of your mission statement. Great job. I also love your blog.

  7. Suzy as a creative person you have encompassed all the reasons so beautifully :)


  8. I like that idea of a mission statement for a blog (and I specifically like yours).

  9. I loved your mission statement. I'm afraid I still haven't found my mission or my statement though I have sent in my musings for this Monday ;)

  10. I am also intrigued by the idea of a mission statement for a blog. Yours is really lovely, and you've made me think about what mine might be. Thanks!

  11. That's a great mission statement for your blogs! True, hope and faith are the pillars that will support and calm you during trying times and one must never lose them.


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