Sunday, September 13, 2015

You've Got Snail #Mail

You've Got Snail Mail is the BlogARhythm Challenge that some bloggers took part in. And it's about time I wrote my post on my experience with this.

With technology taking over communications in the form of email, texting, snapchatting, FB, WhatsApp, Twitter etc, the handwritten note is become a thing of the past. And yet a handwritten note just seems to have that extra touch of personal.

It was truly special sending a handwritten letter to Pooja who blogs at Second Thoughts First and receiving a one from Vidya who is going a-musing and collecting smiles on her blog.

The story behind sending the letter:

It took me a while to send off a letter, not because I was lazy or put it on the back burner but because I wanted the letter to mean something for me and I wanted it to be special for Pooja. And I'm so glad that I didn't push myself to simply write a letter but waited for that perfect moment because had I not gone with the flow, I would not have shared a special moment with Pooja.

So on the morning of July 9 I opened up the curtains and the hills took my breath away. And as always I made a quick dive for my camera and captured that moment. Then while taking a short break at work from a rather hectic day, suddenly the words of my letter to Pooja streamed through my head and so I wrote to her that day to share my moment of wonder.

sharing a bit of my letter with all of you

The story behind receiving a letter:

Vidya sent her letter off to me on July 12 and it is still travelling around somewhere in the world. The letter is obviously destined to see the world before it arrives! I'm not surprised as letters to New Zealand often go on a trip around the world. It will eventually get here and it will be fun to see the route it took. Anyway Vidya was kind enough to write me a letter again and emailed it to me some days ago that I was so thrilled to receive and read.

Vidya has such nice handwriting and I felt so connected to her letter as if we've known each other for many many years.  So here are some excerpts from Vidya's letter

I had such a smile when I read the paragraph about the festivals and I couldn't help thinking great minds think alike.  My daughter was unable to drop by for Raksha Bandhan as she was working so I told my son we would celebrate when she comes over in the future. So true Vidya, what's a little date shifting here and there.

I truly believe that nothing happens by chance and that our paths cross for a reason; sometimes to bring us joy, sometimes to teach us something. Often the reasons are not clear, often unknown. Some paths cross for a fleeting moment and never meet again and some linger for a while longer. - taken from my letter to Pooja.

Pooja and Vidya were not random selections for me and I hope that these connections linger for a long long time.

On a side note, I enjoyed this so much that I've decided to hand write letters to bring in that personal touch and then email them  - you know preserve the past yet move with the times.

Have you ever sent or received snail mail? Do share your snail mail stories.

Warm Regards

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  1. You are absolutely right about the "flow" and the perfect moment, Suzy. After I realized the first letter is still on its way to you, I was determined to write another. But took a little time...and when I did sit down to write - I realized that I could go on and on. My mind was filled with thoughts of how we'd first met years ago via the Sundays in my City bloghop. Hugs! I look forward to a handwritten reply! What a wonderful way to keep our connection alive!

    P.S.: Thanks for the compliment about my handwriting! :)

  2. Oh, I can feel a smile spreading on my face reading this. It sounds lovely, dear Suzy:-) What a wonderful feeling both to receive and to write to a friend like that. My favorite moment is curling up in the sofa to read that handwritten letter I know someone spent time on writing - just for me. What a blessing.

  3. How beautifully the letters are written. Loved it. I can feel the joy of receiving it. Handwritten letters are always special :)
    Even my letter seems to be travelling around the world...

  4. This was such a special writing exercise. I believe too, that our paths cross for some reason :) I love how you took your time and let nature inspire you to write!

  5. Such beautiful thoughts and I agree we should wait for the right time, Our heart knows. Lovely picture of the mountains. Truly splendid!
    Vidya has beautiful handwriting!

  6. Lovely words! And I took my time too. when we wait for the right moment, words flow naturally. That picture is so beautiful. I wish I could wake up to such a scene everyday :)

  7. I know what you mean about the joy of receiving a letter. The unpredictability of 'when it will reach' makes it that much more precious and eagerly awaited.

  8. A handwritten letter has its own personal connect with it.And brings back so many memories.Happy writing!

  9. Our friendship on blog reaffirmed my faith that everything happens for a reason. Keep the chain of hand written alive and can't tell how glad I am reading this amazing post, reading the handwriting style:)


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