Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life Races By

I usually read on the bus as that's the only time I get a chance to pull out my book so I do enjoy the ride and along the way I look up once or twice and take in the sights.

But day before yesterday the usual 20-30 minutes took about 12 minutes - the bus driver was in a hurry and driving quite fast and there was also very little traffic on the road, the bus was also quite empty so didn't make that many stops.

When I looked up from my book I was about 3 stops away from mine and I felt quite cheated that the ride was a short one or perhaps I was so engrossed in my book I just forgot about time. And then I got to thinking about life.

Life sometimes just races by while we are absorbed in the daily drama and we forget to actually stop and savour life. We are so intent on reaching our goals and are so dogged in our approach to reaching them that we forget that the actual enjoyment of life is the journey and not the destination and that there are so many other things in life to experience.

Note to self: Don't hurry through life, enjoy all the experiences that life brings, don't wear blinkers, look around and see the world (and I don't mean travel).

And this week it's been fun watching a lot of exciting, enjoyable entertainment - The Cricket World Cup. Even Google joined in the fun

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  1. Good advice. But can I add that I am so jealous that you can read in a moving vehicle? We sometimes have long car rides and it feels like wasted time because I get sick reading in the car.


    Let's stop and smell the roses :)

  3. Oh I know what you mean..I try to squeeze in some time to read whenever I can..and about not letting life pass by so fast , I agree...We should live life not just go through it in motions
    Random Thoughts Naba..Fifty Shades Of Criticism....

  4. Well said, we become so pre-occupied with making a living that we forget to enjoy the little beauties and wonders of life. Thank you for the reminder! :)

  5. That's a great way to show how life passes without you noticing. I once read that we should live every moment. So often we get side-tracked.

  6. That is so true! How often we want to just get over with the journey because it sometimes seems so difficult and uncertain, but there is so much more to life than reaching someplace. Thanks for this post, Suzy!

  7. Perfect piece of advice Suzy! :)
    And I read on my way to work as well, in those 30 mins of reading time! :)

  8. So true, the way we live life sometimes, is akin to gobbling up something delicious without letting it kiss the taste buds :)And I love reading while travelling too!

  9. I understand that feeling. Sometimes while coming back from office I take the train that stops at all stations. I read my book and enjoy the commute :)

  10. AH yes..........the hours become days and the days become years and before you know it, life is all over.

  11. We all are aware of it, to relish the moments of life, but then it keeps going to the back of the mind getting buried down the list of daily chores. A post like this helps to excavate it and bringing back to the fore ground.

  12. It's amazing how time flies and thus our life. And yes, so important to cherish and savour each moment as best we can as the journey is the end all and be all! It reminds me of expressive arts therapy in that the creation of art is not about the end product, but about the process. It's so easy to forget that as our society is so goal-oriented and results focused. <3

  13. I need to remind myself sometimes to not rush --- but sadly, I feel like I always am. It's only at the beach or when I'm hiking/camping that I feel like I slow down.


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