Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saving Face

This evening as I was returning home from work on the bus, a strange event took place.

As I settled into my seat I put my hand up to remove my sunnies which is a real odd thing to do considering that the sun was shining straight into my eyes.

As my hand started its journey down from my face, this man's backpack came smack in front of my face.  But as my hand was covering it, it hit my hand (quite hard) instead.

If my hand hadn't been where it was, that backpack would have whacked me right in my face.

Was it coincidence that just at that moment I did something I never normally would've done or was someone looking after me from the other side?

All I can say is thank you to that benevolent being who made me do the silliest thing and yet save my face (literally).

image from the warehouse 

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  1. Aha! The ways of the Lord are always the best!

  2. It's events like these that make us question what we see as life. Are hidden entities like angels protecting us from harm? This sends a tingle down my spine.

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  4. Fortuitous, to say the least. ☺ Glad you escaped injury!

  5. Your hand was in the right place at the right time. Maybe you somehow sensed it coming without even knowing that you were sensing it coming. Super brain!

  6. Hello Visiting from Write Tribe. Isn't it weird how those things happen. Glad you are okay. I have had moments like that also. It made me shiver. Nicely written post.

  7. I think God was looking out for you Suzy...Hope you are okay!

  8. I always have to wonder about things like that, too. Too strange to be only a coincidence. Maybe your guardian angel was protecting you.

  9. Sounds like you have a guardian angel Suzy! Happenings like that always make me feel so much better about life in general! ♥

  10. If we only knew how often we were protected and didn't even realize it, I think we would be shocked

  11. Lord works in mysterious ways. A reflex truly saved you.
    Many times we are not aware but some thing is saving us.

  12. Your Guardian Angle made you feel her precense. Glad to hear you are fine :)

  13. A very fortunate coincidence then. Makes you so grateful.

  14. A very fortunate coincidence then. Makes you so grateful.

  15. Lucky that you were able to save your face Suzy from being smacked! It was certainly a fortuitious and synchronistic incident! :) <3

  16. wow seems universe is looking after you... :) Happy your face is saved :)

  17. You make me believe that things do happen for a reason - even the smallest seemingly insignificant ones.

  18. Wow! So glad you didn't get hit in the face... that would NOT have been fun. Perfect timing. :)


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