Monday, January 5, 2015

The Choices You Make

Carol Graham
I am delighted to guest post for Carol Graham today. Thank you Carol for this opportunity.

I got to know Carol via the Write Tribe Bloggers group some months ago.

Carol is an inspirational writer and blogger. Her life is an example of  never ever giving up hope which incidentally is also the name of her blog Never Ever Give up Hope.

Carol chronicles her life in her book Battered Hope. This book will leave you in awe of Carol who made a conscious choice to rise above her difficulties, never giving up hope that there was something better there for her.  It will provide you with the inspiration and strength to move onto better things.

The inspiration for my post came from my bus journey to work and in observing people and the choices they made.

To read my post, please head over to Carol's post The Choices You Make and share something you observed today that inspired you or a choice you made that sparked a change in you or defined your life in some way.

The choices you make define the path that you take

Warm Regards

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