Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blogfest - A Party Story

I'm taking part in the October Blogfest 2012.

Starting off the blogfest is Jenn Duffy-Pearson of Wine n Chat and her prompt is "A Party Story"

When I was young I was awkward, shy and timid and parties were just not my thing. But the awkward caterpillar finally turned into a butterfly! I loved the parties then in my youth. I loved the interactions and I loved to dance.

And then the children came along.  I was never into the children's theme parties. There were so many times I took my daughter to parties and was completely embarrassed when the party favours cost more than my gift and that the food looked like it was catered out of a 5 star hotel. I always walked away wondering if the party was for the benefit of the kids or a competition between parents.

It was a relief when I moved to New Zealand. Kids parties here are just that. And the kids have a blast.I kept my kids parties simple - a few supervised games, a couple of cartoons, pizza, chippies and a soft drink. We had a fancy dress party a couple of times and that was real fun. The kids came up with some very creative costumes all home made.  Our parties were very popular and the kids often invited themselves! My kids and their friends think I'm a party genius.

So moving along from the kiddies to the adults and to the question "Am I the life of the party now"?

That really depends on who is at the party.  If I like the crowd, I have a blast and I can certainly be the life of the party. If I'm not too sure of the company, I prefer to watch. People are such fascinating creatures and one can learn a lot just by observing.  Some parties are just so energising and some just completely drain me. I always know it's time to leave when I feel my energies flagging. I love a good, interesting exchange of ideas, and as long as the conversation is interesting, the party is usually enjoyable. A couple of times I went to an "antakshari" party (best explained here) and absolutely loved them. Karaoke parties are also fun. I love to sing!

So, are you the life of the party? Please share your thoughts.

Enjoy your day.

Warm Regards


  1. I have to say that I've never been much into parties. I probably wouldn't be considered "the life" of the party but I do have fun when I do go them. It all depends on what kind of party they are. Kids' parties can be fun if I know the parents hosting them but I've been to a few of them where they've grown awkward after awhile, as parents tend to be clickish it seems, chatting with only those they are familiar with. It's great though, when I do have an unexpected conversation that is interesting with someone new...that's when parties get fun for me! I'll leave the dancing to you! ;)

    1. So true Jessica, conversations make or break parties. thanks for dropping by.

  2. Children's parties in India seem to have got much more expensive these days. Like you said, it's sometimes just a show of wealth. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to watch a kids party in the building at the back of ours recently. They had a lemon and spoon race and all the works that we had growing up. And the kids and adults had a ball.

    1. Hi Corinne, the parties in our time were just so much fun and it was all about the kids. Glad to hear some sensible parents still do things the old way.

  3. Here in the States, kids parties are like the ones you describe in New Zealand. Just down-home fun and food and games. :)
    Am I the life of the party? A big "yes" when I was much younger, but not now. Like you, I enjoy standing back and observing.
    Wonderful post, Suzy!

    1. Thanks Martha. Perhaps it's evolution - we make way for the young ones to be the centre of attraction. Blessings to you too.

  4. I love karaoke party tho I am not quite a singer :-)

    1. Hi Journey of Life, I'm not a singer either but karaoke is so much fun.


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