Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blogfest - Dedication

I have the privilege of hosting the Blogfest 2012 prompt for October 18 which also happens to be my birthday.

I chose the prompt "Dedication" as I wanted to offer or dedicate something to love.

Love is the emotion that takes us closer to God. By loving someone, we find the way to Him.

Somewhere in this Universe, is the other half of my soul. If I am lucky, I will have the good fortune to meet him in this life.

Here's a poem I wrote some years ago that I dedicate to the love of my life, the one who completes my soul, the one I connect to unconsciously and feel the bliss.

I hope you enjoy it.

You are the journey of my life
You are the windows of my soul

You are the end and start
You are the beat of and smile in my heart

You are the breath that I take
You are the ocean, sea, and lake

You are the earth and sky
You are the wings on which I fly

You are the stars, the moon, and the sun
You are the essence of peace, ecstasy and passion

You are the lyrics of a song
You are the melody that plays along

You are the rhythm and the dance
You are love sublime and tender romance.

Join in and write your own dedication and please link back to this post. Also link up via the Blogfest page on facebook.

Wishing you all love and peace.

Warm Regards


  1. That was lovely Suzy. Your love must feel blessed to have such a wonderful woman by his side.


  2. Beautiful...I shall start to work on mine shortly. Dedication. Excellent choice.

  3. Happy birthday, Suzy. What a lovely thing to dedicate a poem to your true love. I hope he comes riding by your way real soon! ♥

  4. Loved this prompt, It made me think about things...

  5. Happy Birthday and a wonderful dedication. Hope I can do justice to this prompt.

  6. Beautiful poem, and happy Birthday! :)

  7. Lovely poem! And happy BD Suzy! What a way to celebrate your birthday with your fellow bloggers.

    1. Thanks Journey of Life. Yes, awesome way to celebrate my birthday. :)

  8. If only I could write such inspirational poetry. Lovely,

  9. Thanks Di for your very kind comment.

  10. Such a lovely poem. I wish I could write poetry like you!! Love this prompt! I am running a few days behind on blogs, I am sorry! But here is my post on it! ~Jessie

    1. Thanks Jessie. Glad you liked my poem and my prompt.

  11. Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you!


  12. Happy belated Birthday, Suzy. Your poem is wonderfully poetic and soulful. Keep looking for that special someone and DON'T LET ANYTHING get in the way of pursuing your dreams -- especially work! That's what my post on your topic is all about. A little late, but I think it might speak to you. Cheers!

  13. Thanks Daphne. Your comment is so encouraging. I'm glad you liked my poem. It was written from the depths of my soul. Loved your take on the prompt.

  14. That was beautiful.. Seeing that your blog is somewhat faith centered I attempted to center my post in faith as well.. Thank you for this prompt. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks Magical Mysitcal MiMi. I'm glad you liked it and happy you participated in my prompt.


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