Sunday, July 29, 2012

UBC 28 - Capture the Colour

Post 28 for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge is for the Capture the Colour competition held by Travel Supermarket.

And thanks to Kat at The engineer's other life for introducing me to this competition. Please see Kat's awesome entry here.

The challenge is to :
 - present 5 photographs from my travels showing the colours blue, green, yellow, red, and white
 - nominate 5 bloggers to participate in the challenge
 - complete the challenge and indicate you've entered by:
       - linking to your blog post on your Facebook wall mentioning Capture the Colour and 
         tagging the Facebook page or... 
       - linking to your post via Twitter including @travelsupermkt and #capturethecolour in 
         your tweet or...
      -  emailing your entry to, including your name, email 
         address and phone number.

The best Capture the Colour entries will be shared throughout the competition by expert judges and the TravelSupermarket social accounts.

Each judge will  select their own colour category winners and will then combine to select the overall winner of the travel prize.

So first onto my pictures ...

This is the Pacific Ocean taken in Dunedin, New Zealand. The picture was taken from the bus on the way to Larnach Castle. The views were just spectacular. 
I chose this picture as the "blue" theme because it dominates the picture and I also like the different shades of blue in it. This picture gives me a feeling of quiet serenity. 

This picture is taken in Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington is a spectacular city and wherever you go the scenery takes your breath away.
I love the different shades of green in this picture. The day I took it was a warm sunny day in Summer with not much of a breeze which is quite rare for Wellington as it is affectionately nicknamed Windy Wellington.
Again a very serene picture.

This picture is taken somewhere in Gujarat, India sometime in January. This tiny village shop was probably gearing up for the festival of Makara Sankranthi that is traditionally celebrated by flying kites.
These yellow kites really caught my eye. I was keen to show my son the type of kites we have in India as they are quite different from the ones we get here.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco - quite red not golden! We were lucky we had such a beautiful day and hence some nice pictures. I have to add though that given the hype about the bridge it was pretty much just another bridge - probably because by then we had seen so many in New York and in other places in the world. 
I chose this picture for the "red" theme as I think the red is eye catching and your eyes are drawn to it. In this picture, in my view, less is more.

Last year we had a freak snowfall all over New Zealand. This picture was taken of the hills around Wellington. It was absolutely magical, I couldn't take my eyes off the view - breathtaking.
Selecting a picture was so hard as there were so many beautiful ones. I chose this one for it's simplicity.

And now to my nominees. All of them take amazing pictures and write some very interesting posts. So here they are (in no particular order):

1. Pauline at the Paddock - Pauline has some amazing pictures of the New Zealand countryside
2. LindyLouMac's World in Photos - I love LindyLou's pictures of Italy
3. Jama at Sweet Memories - Jama makes Singapore come alive through her pictures
4. Gattina at Keyhole Pictures - Gattina's pictures are so artistic
5. Sandi at Whistlestop Cafe Cooking - Sandi posts the perfect pictures for every theme.

Enjoy your day and please drop by and visit these amazing photographers.

Warm Regards


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love them all, but the 'white' one of the snow around Wellington is really something special!

    1. Thanks Kat. It's my favourite too. Love your entry too. Thanks so much for tagging me.

  2. I love the green and blue pictures ! Thank you very much for tagging me, unfortunately I have no time to participate, I am actually on holidays in England and then will have guests from France. Sorry !

    1. Thanks Gattina. That's no problem, I just think you are an awesome photographer. Enjoy your holidays.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I think green is my favorite. Good luck with the competition.

  4. Love your color theme and the pictures!! Brilliant post!

  5. Thank you for the mention, I am honored.
    I will see if I can find just the right photos and play along.

    1. You are welcome Sandi. Yay, I will look forward to your post.

  6. Thanks very much for the nomination Suzy I am touched you picked me. I do hope you will not be offended if I decline to enter the challenge as I just do not have the time at the moment, so much going on in the real world.

    1. No problem LindyLou - there is no compulsion to take part.

  7. Very remiss of me I forgot to comment on your own entries, all of which are lovely and I wish you well in the competition.

    1. Thanks LindyLou - I entered only because it was a fun post to do.


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