Thursday, June 7, 2012

ABC Wednesday - Round 10 - U is for ...

Unforgettable melodies that start with U

Written by Irving Gordon. The most popular version was recorded by the unforgettable Nat King Cole in 1961 and it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2000.
The song was originally called Uncomparable.

I love this song and it is beautifully sung by Nat King Cole. So here is his version.

Youtube - Unforgettable

Unchained Melody
Was a hit single for the Righteous Brothers in 1965. It was written by Alex North and Hy Zaret.
It has become one of the most recorded songs of the 20th century and has spawned over 500 versions in hundreds of different languages.

Youtube - Unchained Melody

Under the Boardwalk
Written by Kenny Young and Arthur Resnick, it was originally recorded by The Drifters in 1964.
The song is ranked #487 on the Rolling Stones 500 greatest songs of all time.

Here is Bruce Willis and The Temptations singing live.

Youtube - Under the boardwalk

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Wish you all an ultra unforgettable day.

Warm Regards


  1. I really enjoy the songs you choose. The melodies always seem to be ones that bring back good memories. The bass voice in "Under the Boardwalk" feels as though it is vibrating through a string linking my toes to my head. Love that!

    1. Thanks Carol. They sure are. Under the Boardwalk is an awesome song and The Temptations were a great group.

  2. Great idea for U day. Carver ABC-Wed Team

  3. Nice post, but it made me a little melancholy. At least 2 of those Temptations have since died (not to mentioned Paul Williams, who died earlier, or the pair of ex-Temps who died roughly around that time of the video. Bobby Hatfield died young, and of course, Nat Cole passed before his time.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. Thanks Roger. But they are all unforgettable.

  4. Dear Suzy,
    Nat King Cole has always been a favorite of mine and who doesn't know one version or other of Unchained Melody? LOL...Bruce Willis sure did look you young in that video! They just don't make music like this anymore that everyone can enjoy. Great choices again this week! Thanks for sharing.

    Undress My Heart

    1. Thanks Andy. So true, they just don't make music like this anymore.

  5. Absolutely!! Some of the best unforgettable melodies!! Thank you for this!

    1. Thanks Hannah. Glad you enjoyed them. And thanks for dropping by.

  6. i love that second music video. used to sing that in a karaoke :) hope you can visit my ABC Wednesday here.

    1. Hi Carmel, thanks for visiting. karaoke is fun.


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