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Little Paper Boats #FridayReflections

Samara loved her little paper boats. She always wondered why but could find no logical answer for it. Floating her boats down the Kaimarama River and watching them disappear gave her immense joy. Her friends found it strange that in the era of technology in the year 2018, Sam still loved making and floating her paper boats. But the little seven year old found it magical and would say a silent prayer that her boats were safe somewhere. Perhaps someday she would discover where they ended up.

Now and then Dejuan felt a tug and raced to a little sheltered nook along the River Piedra. There the nine year old would wait and watch as little paper boats suddenly appeared in the serene waters. He often wondered where they came from and hoped that someday he would find the owner of these little boats. He collected all of them and placed them in a little wooden box in his father's shed.


It was the Spring of 1782 and Elizavita and Kuzma were glad the harsh Winter was finally over. The snow had started to melt and there were large puddles everywhere. While the other children jumped in and out of the puddles, Eli and Kuz would play with their favourite toys.

Eli would watch as Kuz deftly created little paper boats. "He is so clever", she would say to herself. Then he would hand her the boats and she would run to the other side of the puddle floating them one by one to Kuz. The sound of their laughter could be heard for hours.

The little ten year olds found great joy in this happy pastime and in each other's company. Both vowed they would be friends forever.


Wooden boxes fascinated Madhava so he was absolutely delighted when his father handed him an old wooden box for his twentieth birthday. Madhava wondered what was inside it but he wanted to open it with his special friend Meera and waited for her to arrive. Madhava and Meera were inseparable. It was like they had a cosmic bond that was unshakable. 

Eighteen year old Meera wanted to buy something special for Madhava's birthday. She wandered in and out of shops trying to find something that would light up his eyes. But try as she would she just couldn't settle on anything. She wandered into a roadside cafe to quench her thirst when she heard the strains of a bansuri (flute). She felt a strange sensation in her heart as if it called out to her. Meera ran towards the sound until she found the source of it. Bansuri clutched in her hand she ran home to get ready and prayed that Madhava would like her unusual gift.

The year 2185 had been special for Meera. It was the year she met Madhava on her eighth birthday. He was her brother Arjun's friend. From the first moment, Meera knew that Madhava was someone special for her but Madhava was a popular boy and he had no time for little Meera or at least pretended not to. Each night little Meera would pray "Hey Kanha, I know he's the one, but when will he know I'm the one"? And Madhava would lie under the stars and think of his little Meera and smile to himself.

Meera ran all the way to the beach where Madhava was waiting for her. "Hey Kanha", she prayed all the way "Please let him like my gift". With a tinge of apprehension she handed him her nicely wrapped gift. His face was expressionless as he tore off the paper and then he put it to one side and brought out the box. Meera's eyes were teary and she felt a sad tug at her heart but he was so excited about the box, so she hid her sadness and smiled at him. "I want you to open the box Meera" he said and handed it to her.

Slowly she lifted the lid and her eyes opened up in wonder. Tucked away neatly within the box were little paper boats. Spontaneously she cried "My paper boats" and then wondered what had got into her. She turned away confused and embarrassed for they were really his not hers. As she walked away to regain her composure, she heard the sound of the bansuri. Slowly she turned in amazement. Madhava and his bansuri were happily playing a little tune. "You know how to play?" she asked surprised. Madhava nodded. "Since when?" she enquired. "I've known all along" he said with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face.


Elizavita - Promise of God
Kuzma - Harmony, Universe
Dejuan - God is Merciful
Samara - watched over by God
Madhava - another name for Lord Krishna (Kanha)
Meera - was a devotee of Lord Krishna


Few days ago as I was listening to some instrumental music, this story took shape in my mind.
It was inspired by the song "Somewhere my love - Lara's Theme" from the movie Dr Zhivago.

Written for #Friday Reflections prompt - Write an epic love story, fiction or nonfiction

Warm Regards

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  1. Insightful story, enjoyed reading it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Shirley. Congratulations on completing the AtoZ.

  3. Don’ Know why, but this brings tears to my eyes. I love the time skipping aspect. Love is timeless.Alana

    1. Thanks Alana. True love is truly timeless. Glad that this moved you and that you got the essence of my story.

  4. What a gorgeous story Suzy- I loved the layering of emotions via the paperboats. You have blended in a folk lore with such deftness of penmanship! Kudos :-)

    1. Thanks Shalini. Glad you liked my story.

  5. Very interesting story, Suzy. Loved the ending a lot.

  6. Such a beautiful story, Suzy! Loved it! Love transcends time...I so believe in it!

  7. What a charming story! Paper boats transcend time and so does love. ♥

  8. glad to read your post ever, thanks for sharing meaningful article.

  9. A gentle and beautiful story that captures our senses with devotion. Love the lyrical words to weave romance beyond time and which stays forever, Suzy!

    1. Thanks Vishal. Glad you liked my story.


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