Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Bunkum or True? #MondayMusings #MicroblogMonday #OpenSlather #SoCS

As usual, I started the year telling myself I would blog regularly but fell by the wayside again.  I'm really not sure what I want to blog about and it's put me into a dilemma.

Should I change what I write on the blog or should I stick with the randomness of it; that is should I change to a niche blog or just carry on with anything that comes to mind?

I tossed up the idea of keeping the blog to some key themes like ficton stories (something I want to pursue a little more), and arts/crafts.  But then I would miss these random ramblings.

I face a dilemma - to change or not to change?

Change is good isn't it? Or is it just bunkum?

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments. And to those who have been reading my blog, what do you think - change or not to change?

P.S - I thought perhaps a change to the look of my blog will bring some different energies.

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  1. If you have one niche that you want to focus on, then you could always start another blog. I've done that. If you like the randomness, then bring in those other topics you want to include here too - like fiction or arts and crafts, in between the random ramblings. That way, you'd get a feel for whether you could handle/would enjoy a blog focused on just one of these topics.

    1. Thanks Mali. I have 2 other niche blogs and yes the response on those whenever I post is really good.

  2. Oh, I love the word "bunkum." I think, do what feels right to you! I think exploring the change is never a bad thing, because you can always decide to do something different if it feels wrong. I love your photo!

    1. Thanks Jess. I've been ignoring my other blogs so planning out how to keep all three going and try something different on this one.

  3. Change is good as long as it is well thought through. As for blogging - the best bit is nothing is irreversible - you can try different things and see how it goes. Keep going Suzy.

    1. Thanks Tulika. I have decided to try something different. Coming up in my next post.


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